February 2017 - Volume 13 - Issue 8 | Saturday February 25, 2017

Dr. Joseph Rosado is clearly emotional when he discusses the patients that he has lost to cancer and other ailments prior to the completion of the 90 day relationship period required by Florida Statute. 

Since Florida lacks education on cannabis as medicine, Florida-based Canna Holdings brings together an esteemed group of physicians, medical practitioners, attorneys and industry experts for the second medical symposium in the state of Florida. Experts Dustin Sulak, M.D., Gregory Gerdeman, Ph.D., and Gregory Smith, M.D., will speak and present scientific research

A growing body of evidence exists for the use of cannabis as medicine for certain medical conditions.(1,2) The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is an independent, endogenous system of cannabinoid receptors and ligands found throughout the body 

 Physicians in the United States of America take the Hippocratic Oath which is often erroneously credited with containing the phrase “Do No Harm”, however this phrase is accepted as a foundational principle of the medical profession. 

On November 8, 2016, Florida voters approved the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, known as Amendment 2. Amendment 2 amends the Florida Constitution allowing those with a “debilitating medical condition,” which includes

In the aftermath of the elections, last November, proponents of legalizing marijuana scored a number of victories. For them, the goal of legalizing marijuana nationwide seems closer than ever. 

MedReleaf, Canada's premium licensed producer of medical cannabis, today announced the findings from a landmark study on the effectiveness of medical cannabis on military veterans diagnosed with PTSD. The study found treatment with medical cannabis improved aggregate patient reported outcomes by 50-60% with a 77% decrease in suicidal thoughts as well as a 50% reduction in the consumption of related medications.   The study, being presented today in Vancouver at the 7th Annual Military and Veteran Health Research Forum, was conducted by Dr. Paul Smith, MD, using several of MedReleaf's proprietary strains of medical cannabis including AviDekel, Luminarium and Midnight. 

Six licenses, 315 patients, 150 doctors. These are the numbers related to the current law in the State of Florida regarding medical marijuana. The low THC high CBD cannabis is currently allowable for patients recommended by a physician who are suffering from cancer

On November 08, 2016, residents in the State of Florida will vote as to whether or not to legalize medical marijuana use, for patients diagnosed with a debilitating condition who have received a recommendation/certification from a qualified marijuana doctor.

Modern Health Concepts (MHC), a South Florida-based medical cannabis provider, is proud to announce that the Florida Department of Health granted the company authority to process and dispense medical and low-THC cannabis.

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