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Tuesday September 19, 2017

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September 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 3




Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center Receives

Joint Commission Accreditation Gold Seal of Approval™ is Highest Award for Addiction Treatment Centers

Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center has earned the Gold Seal of Approval™ from The Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program. Upon survey, Lighthouse Detox was found to be in complete compliance with the Joint Commission’s exacting quality and safety standards.
“Everything that you have come to expect in terms of quality, safety, and patient-centered care from Jupiter Medical Center is what you can expect from Lighthouse Detox,” said Steven Seeley, MSN, RN, interim CEO of Jupiter Medical Center. “In this era of high need for effective, medically managed detox programs, this accreditation affirms that superior help is available for those battling substance abuse in our community. Our physicians and health professionals are experts in their field, and they are committed to the highest standards for quality and patient satisfaction.”
Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center is a medically managed detox center that offers an alternative to traditional detox facilities with unsurpassed safety and a refreshing approach to compassionate care. Clients receive true medical management of symptoms, 24/7 clinical supervision and the peace of mind that comes from choosing a center that is backed by the full resources of a major medical center. Detox programs are designed around the individual client, focused on treating the whole person, and include a customized schedule of enjoyable activities that helps create a comfortable and positive experience for the body and mind. Lighthouse Detox offers a resort-style experience with a host of a-la-carte, upscale amenities, including spa services, gourmet meals and nutritional juicing. As an added measure of comfort and support, the center even permits clients to have their pets stay with them in the facility.
During the accreditation review process, which involved an unannounced on-site survey, Lighthouse Detox was evaluated for compliance with The Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care standards, which include care, treatment, and services, environment of care, leadership, and screening procedures. The center was found to be in perfect compliance with the standards and did not receive a single citation or finding.
“It is an honor to work with a team that has such high standards and so much combined knowledge and experience,” said Raju Mangrola, MD, medical director of Lighthouse Detox at Jupiter Medical Center. “Our quality control programs are exceptional, and earning this prestigious Gold Seal accreditation further confirms the high standard of patient-centered care and services that we provide.”
“In our community, there is an abundance of detox and treatment centers, but not all are created equal,” said Katie Roussel RN, BSN, director of Lighthouse Detox. “Individuals seeking treatment for themselves or for a loved one should be looking for an accredited facility because the designation means a center offers a safer, more stable and effective treatment environment.” 
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