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Wednesday September 19, 2018

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December 2013 - Volume 10 - Issue 6




Publisher's Note

Once again we’re all on the holiday merry-go-round (and where it stops nobody knows!) By now, we’ve all weathered Thanksgiving and for some of us — Hanukah as well. I’m convinced at one point, Carol was so flustered by the clash of holidays, she cooked a menorah and lit a turkey. 
And now comes the parties … 3 non-stop weeks of drinks and hors d’oeuvres … and already Carol is cautioning me about over-indulgence. Because unfortunately, she knows when I go off the wagon I not only go off the wagon I usually leave the reservation! Especially to someone like her whose idea of holiday celebrating is drinking Diet Coke from the can decorated with polar bears.
We never did big Chanukah celebrations, even when the boys were young. We would let them choose one big gift, sign a contract (really) agreeing that was enough, and we were done. (If you think I’m kidding ask our old neighbors back in Atlanta!) In our home we discovered early on that 8 nights of Chanukah were tantamount to bankruptcy because to be perfectly honest —once I start buying toys and gadgets —once is never enough. Of course, there was that one Christmas holiday we celebrated in Quebec City (yet another long story) and decided to take a rather extravagant snowmobile tour only to return to a burglarized hotel room. That was some bilingual robbery report. And just between you and me, there was a memorable Chrismakkuh when Carol decided to make potato latkes in the oven. Yes, we put out the fire and the smoke damage wasn’t terrible; but the emergency room bill for my asthmatic lungs was quite a surprise gift.
And while I’m reminiscing, let me say thank you to all for a great 2013 here at SFHN&HR. It’s been an interesting year to say the least. And I have a feeling 2014 in the South Florida healthcare community will be equally exciting. Carol and I really love the South Florida healthcare community (warts and all) and are thrilled you all seem to like our publication and contributions. Let’s all keep up the good work!
Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year
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