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Wednesday July 18, 2018

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June 2015 - Volume 11 - Issue 12




Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Acquires 3D Printer to Support Pediatric Surgical Planning and Research

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, part of Miami Children’s Health System, has acquired a 3D printer to support pediatric cardiac surgery and clinical research. The hospital’s use of three-dimensional printing technology has proven to be instrumental in creating surgical solutions for children with complex congenital heart defects, who had been considered to be inoperable using conventional imaging techniques.
Nicklaus Children’s has teamed with Stratasys Ltd. to bring this technology to the patients and families of South Florida and beyond. The Objet Eden260VS is one of the newest 3D printers on the market and most versatile of its kind.
After extensive experimentation and background research, Chelsea Balli, Biomedical Engineer for The Heart Program at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, devised the optimal 3D printing strategy to create pediatric heart models for surgical planning. "This printing strategy allows the cardiac team to create life sized heart models rapidly, using textures and colors that closely approximate human tissues. The printer was also designed to utilize water soluble support materials, which rapidly dissolve in a warm bath, leaving the heart team with perfectly clean and accurate heart models,” she said.
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