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Wednesday April 25, 2018

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May 2012 - Volume 8 - Issue 11



Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital - It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This!

Nursing care is the most important aspect of any patient and family experience during their inpatient and outpatient hospital experience. At Memorial Regional Hospital, our nurses provide the best nursing care around. This experience can be measured by our nurses’ caring touch, their friendly smile, their clinical expertise and their commitment to our patients and their families.
Our indicators, many publically reported, show that our nurses are at the top of their game, no matter the significant challenges they face each day. In these days of healthcare reform, financial challenges, staggering regulatory requirements and tremendous social issues, Memorial Regional Hospital nurses are still able to do it all! They are able to provide the highest level of quality nursing care, safe nursing practice, nursing care that is based on current evidence and a wonderful healing environment. Healthcare reform has had a tremendous impact on hospitals resulting in many less dollars available to care for the ill in hospitals, so nurses are challenged to save money without impacting the care they give. The regulatory agencies keep adding more and more new requirements which only contribute to the many rolls of red tape resulting in a continual to-do list of new things to document...all of which takes time away from the patient. The social issues are so much more pronounced these days with so many patients without insurance. The hospitals are also faced with preventing readmissions and keeping patients healthy after they leave our care. Nurses must educate patients and families on every aspect of their self care and call them after they get home to assist them as needed. Our nurses care for some of the sickest patients with the highest acuity, those who might have died elsewhere. These types of patients require nurses that are astute, technically savvy and great critical thinkers. Our nurses save lives every single day; their impact is immense.
So how do our Memorial Regional Hospital nurses do it? They do it with ease … under circumstances that would break the spirit of others. Nursing is in their minds, in their veins and deep in their hearts.
Nurses do it all; from organizing care to holding a dying patient’s hand or comforting a family when their loved one passes. There is no profession more noble than that of the nurse; no person more intimate with their customer. They focus with the guidance of their nursing leaders. They are held accountable to extremely high expectations because that is what is right for our patients and their families. We have expectations that there are zero errors, zero hospital acquired infections and zero hospital acquired conditions. There are expectations that we are 100% with our perfect care indicators and that we also provide the perfect patient and family healing experience.
So what makes our nurses the best and able to meet these high expectations? It is their attitude, their focus, their love for their patients and their belief that what they do each day makes a difference to those in need. Our nurses strive to meet the high expectations and goals with stellar nursing care and a commitment to improving processes to ensure that all our metrics reflect the great work they do each day. Our nurses have input into how care is provided and are able to drive needed changes ... they own nursing care! Our nurse’s focus on the need to provide cost effective and efficient nursing care to allow Memorial Regional Hospital to remain solvent and be able to reinvest to preserve community based health care. Our nurses went into nursing for the right reasons. Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital, it truly doesn’t get much better than this!
Barbara Bruce, Director of Nursing, Support Services, Memorial Regional Hospital, can be reached at (954) 265-5203 or
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