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Thursday April 19, 2018

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April 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 10



• Support legislation that would decrease the number and percent of uninsured in South Florida by implementing the federal Affordable Care Act, including expansion of Medicaid to Floridians up to allowable income levels and taking advantage of all federal funds being made available to the state.  
• Encourage the Florida Department of Insurance to work with the federal government in the establishment of a health insurance exchange that offers affordable health plans with essential benefits for all Floridians.
• Oppose proposed unreasonable and imbalanced cuts to Medicaid hospital funding by providing adequate transition period for DRG implementation.
• Support the extending of sovereign immunity limits or other types of tort reforms to hospitals, physicians and other providers when treating Medicaid and RPICC patients.
• Support legislative efforts to provide sovereign immunity for emergency health care providers acting pursuant to obligations imposed by s. 394.1041 and s. 401.45.
• Support legislative efforts to secure the availability of property, windstorm, and business interruption insurance at reasonable prices for hospitals and healthcare facilities.
• Amend 2012 PIP legislation to include authorization for electronic submission of medical bills to PIP carriers and electronic submission of pre-suit demand letters. Include a provision in the legislation that says an “Emergency Medical Condition” does not impact the $5,000 set aside for emergency physicians. Amend the PIP law so that it excludes initial treatment/service provided by/in a hospital from the $2500 limitation if no emergency medical condition is diagnosed.
• Maintain historic opposition to further efforts to eliminate the Certificate of Need program and any other deregulation proposals that would impair quality and/or raise the cost of medical care in South Florida.
• Oppose legislation that regulates/interferes with plan-provider business relationships, including those that would evade existing laws or set artificial/standardized limits on reimbursement to non-contracted providers.
• Support the Florida Department of Health’s efforts to revise trauma center statute and rule language consistent with the findings of the study currently under way by the American College of Surgeons.
• Oppose additional regulation of community blood banks that unduly interfere with their day-to-day operation.
• Support legislation that would prohibit drivers of motor vehicles from text messaging while driving.
• Add “licensed hospitals and nursing homes” to the Safety Zone provisions of the Concealed Weapons Law.
• Support the amendment of Chapter 784, Assault; Battery; Culpable Negligence, to make it uniform that the battery of an emergency medical care provider or any security officer employed in a hospital or on the hospital grounds a third degree felony.
• Oppose any efforts to create statutory language that would interfere with physician/patient communication.
• Support legislation that would repeal or amend section 790.251, F.S., Protection of the right to keep and bear arms in motor vehicles to exempt hospital parking lots
• Oppose legislation that establishes directly or indirectly any staffing ratios for the state’s hospitals, nursing homes or other healthcare providers.
• Support initiatives to fund both the training and placement of needed healthcare professionals.
• Secure additional medication prescribing authority for Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners. 
• Support State and federal funding for development and implementation of regional and statewide health information exchanges.
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