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Friday October 31, 2014
October 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 4




2014 Editorial Calendar

• Healthcare Banking & Financial Options
• 2014: A Look Ahead – Healthcare Facilities, Medical Practices
• Healthcare Recruitment & Retention
• Medical Trends in Supplies/Equipment
• Medical Trends in Supplies/Equipment Directory
• Annual Salute to Cardiology – Cardiology/Heart Health Month
• Education Update – Evolving Opportunities in Healthcare
• Medical IT/Software Trends – EMR, IT Consulting, Using the Cloud
• Billing & Coding
• Malpractice Products & Challenges
Medical Technology Directory
Healthcare Education Directory
Annual Doctors Day Issue – Annual Salute to Doctors
• Real Estate – Healthcare Design, Construction, Facility Planning, Leasing vs. Buying
• Medical Group and Practice Management
• Hospital/Physician Relations
• Asset Protection and Estate Planning
Construction, Leasing, Facilities Mgmt. Products & Services Directory
• Annual Salute to Volunteers – Healthcare Volunteerism in South Florida
• Healthcare Consulting/Outsourcing
• Insurance for Healthcare Professionals, Businesses, Consumers
• Worksite Wellness Programs
• Selling Medical Practices to Hospitals
Consulting & Outsourcing Directory
Greater Miami Chamber Healthcare Heroes – Special Section
National Hospital Week
Annual Nurses Issue – Salute to Nurses
• Nursing Profiles
• Nursing Trends & Challenges
• Financial Institutions & Healthcare
Nursing Schools & Allied Health Directory
• Annual Healthcare Hurricane Planning Guide
• Healthcare Real Estate Update
• Eldercare Update in South Florida
• Home Health & Agency Directory
• Disaster Planning – Preparedness & Trauma Medicine
• EMR Update
Construction, Leasing, Facilities Mgmt. Products & Services Directory
Home Healthcare Directory
• Financial, Legal and Business Professionals in Healthcare
• Advances in Medical Technology & Medicine
• Healthcare Insurance Plans, Group Insurance & Life Insurance Options
• Financial, Legal & Healthcare Business Directory
Medical Technology Directory
• Education Update – New Programs in Healthcare Education
• Outsourcing Update
• Revenue Cycle Software Trends
• Healthcare Professionals Associations
• Profiles in Leadership & Administration
• Long Term Care Insurance Products & Guide
Healthcare Education Directory
Fall Prevention Month
• Real Estate Update – New Ideas – A Look Forward
• Alzheimer's Care, Organizations & Facilities Resource Guide
• Addiction/Mental Health/Recovery Focus
• Financial Community & Healthcare – Innovations & Trends
• Asset Protection & Estate Planning
• Construction, Leasing, Facilities Mgmt. Products & Services Directory
Annual Salute to Case Managers – National Case Managers Week
• National Breast Cancer Month – Advances in Treatment
• Eldercare Trends in South Florida
Eldercare Resource Directory
• Medicare Products Directory
National Hospice Month – Salute to Hospice Workers
• Education Update – Institutions and Professionals
• Hospice in South Florida
• Medical Technology & HIT Update
• Outsourcing – Year-end Business Strategies/Part 1
• Year-end Tax Planning Tips
• Holiday Gift Guide
Medical Technology Directory
• 2014 – A Year in Review
• What’s Ahead in Healthcare Real Estate?
• Outsourcing – Year-end Business Strategies/Part 2
• Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations – What Works?
• Healthcare’s Spiritual Community
 • Construction, Leasing, Facilities Mgmt. Products & Services Directory
Editorial guidelines:
Feature articles (approximately 650 words) are submitted via e-mail to Articles are published on a space-available basis. Please include a short author bio (1-2 lines) for each submission, including phone number, e-mail address and website. (Include mailing address.) Photographs are welcome. When sending electronic photos, please send as a high resolution file (at least 220 dpi) and ensure that photos are large enough for reproduction (file should be at least 1.5 mg). If sending photographs by mail, please note that photos will only be returned if you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report reports in-depth on the trends, issues and people that impact the South Florida health care community. We are dedicated to disseminating information related to improving patient care as well as sharing thoughts and ideas to confront the challenges facing health care executives on a daily basis. We are an information exchange medium for health care providers who are, equally, users of consumer-related products and services.
We welcome your editorial submissions for these monthly departments:
News & Information – Covering all areas of Health Care, including Hospitals, Medical Practices, Management, Technology, Home Care, Hospice, Long-Term Care, Integrated Health Networks, Nursing, Finance, Facilities Management & Design, Purchasing, Legal and Rehabilitation.
Around The Region/Making Rounds – Up-to-date announcements on who’s doing what, as well as staff and physician appointments and accomplishments by the people in your profession.
Corporate Health – Find out how the corporate and business community motivate and educate their employees to become smarter health care consumers.
Elder Care – Latest information available on health and aging and the vast programs that are available in our local area.
Education – Learn more about opportunities to continue your education.
Resources – Find the resources you need for your business, patients, clients and yourself.
Technology – Stories on cutting edge technology and its impact on the delivery of health care.
• Nursing
• Legal Issues
• Awards
• Profiles
• Medical Practice Management
• Datebook
• Physician News
E-mail submissions to  
For more information, call (561) 368-6950 or e-mail
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