By Daniel Casciato

In the sun-drenched corridors of West Florida, an ambitious entrepreneur has been carving a path that bridges the gap between the veterans and newbies in the world of Cancer Registrars. Betsy Johnson, the dynamic founder of HIMpros, has created a blueprint for an authentic business in the heart of the corporate world.

Starting in a small company before its absorption into a giant corporation, she saw a rapidly changing landscape. A landscape where value and authenticity were sacrificed in the name of progress. From her intimate understanding of recruitment, sales, and grassroots business growth, she longed to create a place where she would want to work. In her own words, she yearned for an environment that was “authentic and true.”

Johnson’s voice resonates with authenticity and a keen understanding of her niche. Founder of HIMpros, a woman-owned healthcare staffing firm, Johnson’s journey from a small company to a corporate entity is what spurred her entrepreneurial spirit.

“I was in a small company, and then we got bought out by a big corporation, and things changed,” she recalls. “I wanted to be authentic and have a company where I felt good about what was happening daily.”

The genesis of HIMpros is intertwined with her desire for genuineness. It’s not just about staffing; it’s about creating a culture where people would aspire to build their careers, where they would receive the services they need, and where clients could genuinely find the assistance they were looking for.

But Johnson didn’t stop at HIMpros. Her vision extended to creating a unique networking platform named “The Pros Network.” Delving into the core of this initiative, Johnson shares, “The Pros Network was created to provide an avenue for Cancer Registrars to connect, collaborate, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.”

The platform, which will launch in October, is a revolutionary space explicitly meant for Cancer Registrars to voice their insights, challenges, and aspirations.

The platform’s focus, Johnson adds, isn’t merely about “educating on how to abstract the chart” but understanding the professionals’ pulse. She emphasizes, “Because you’re not in our business, what we’re saying might not make sense.” The discussions, she assures, are slated to be “current and relevant,” presented in an interactive ask-and-answer format.

The Pros Network will meet on the 4th Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm ET. The topics will be generated by the group and presented by peers. All meetings will have a posted agenda and start and end on time, with the recorded session available for those unable to join. According to Johnson, the Pros Network will balance learning, fun, and building peer connections.

Building on this foundation of connection and collaboration, Johnson has grand visions for the future of HIMpros.

Her foresight for HIMpros and The Pros Network extends well into the future. She envisages a future where The Pros Network isn’t limited just to Cancer Registrars but expands to other fields like trauma and coding. She dreams of a healthcare staffing network where professionals can find their niche, pose questions, and share experiences. As she aptly puts it, her mission is to build a foundation over the next five years, cultivate relationships and offer support across niche areas in healthcare.

Her dedication extends to ensuring the platform remains inclusive. The Pros Network will rely heavily on feedback from its community. The aim is to evolve based on the actual needs of the field constantly, addressing pain points and providing actionable solutions.

But it’s not all just about networking. Johnson recognizes the importance of professional growth. While structured educational sessions are available elsewhere, The Pros Network offers something unique – a relaxed environment where peers can discuss challenges, share insights, and navigate their career paths. The initial discussions will showcase the varied roles within the cancer registry domain, revealing the multitude of career avenues available.

Her response resonates deeply when reminded of Albert Einstein’s words about striving for value over success. For her, it’s about making a difference within one’s circle. Through HIMpros and The Pros Network, she seeks to be the conduit that facilitates success for every stakeholder in the wheel, ensuring everyone benefits.

As Johnson continues to pave the way in healthcare staffing and networking, her motivation remains clear: building platforms of genuine connection, collaboration, and support. Through her dedication to HIMpros and The Pros Network, Betsy Johnson is redefining what it means to be a leader in the healthcare community of West Florida and setting a remarkable example for future leaders in the industry.

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