Dr. Priyanka Gosain is interim chief of adult heart failure and transplantation services, a position that enables her to work with the most medically complex, acutely-ill cardiac patients.

In that role, she is involved in the implementation of new approaches that are less invasive and improve the patient’s comfort and experience:

  • Non-invasive rejection modeling – Specialists are now able to use very sensitive blood tests, instead of invasive biopsies, to aid potential rejections diagnosis for transplant patients
  • Remote monitoring – Implantable devices are able to measure fluid status of heart failure patients in order to make changes to medication doses that maximize the benefits of the treatment while minimizing side effects

“Through research trials, devices, and medication therapies, we’re able to improve the medical management of patients,” said Gosain, whose fellowship training came at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. “An important benefit is to reduce the times these very sick individuals have to physically be at one of our hospitals.”