Primary Care Provider Spotlights Early Results for 25K Vaccinated Patients
May 7, 2021 – ChenMed, one of the nation’s leading primary care providers, today announces surpassing its mid-March VaxTheNation goal by more than 40 percent, safely administering COVID-19 vaccinations to more than 70,000 at-risk elderly before Mother’s Day, 2021. The community service initiative in 10 states is showing early vaccination benefits for 25,000 Chen, Dedicated, and JenCare Senior Medical Center patients fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
The medical practice is reporting only 19 COVID-19 infections; just one COVID-19 hospitalization; and zero COVID-19 deaths among 25,000 fully vaccinated seniors ages 65 and older. “I’m so thrilled that we were able to take vaccines beyond hospitals and large drive-through clinics so that trusted primary care doctors can administer them to their patients, in the neighborhoods where they live,” says Christopher Chen, M.D., ChenMed CEO. “Our doctors and staff have risen to the occasion and have literally saved so many underserved seniors from a real risk of hospitalization or death.”
“The biggest clinical trials in history have shown that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines provide about 95 percent protection,” says Jason Lane, M.D., ChenMed National Medical Director, Clinical Strategy and Outcomes. “By doing whatever it takes for our patients, ChenMed physicians have reduced both COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations to just fractions of one percent among the most-at-risk elderly population we serve. And we have not yet seen a single COVID-19 death among our large sample of 25,000 fully-vaccinated seniors.”
ChenMed is far below the national average of 785 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 seniors age 65 or older reported by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During the same time period, the average for ChenMed patients age 65 or older was just 622 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000. That is 20.8 percent fewer COVID-19 deaths during the pandemic because of better primary care delivered by trusted ChenMed physicians.
“Our proven approach to primary care and the ChenMed commitment to community service truly are bright spots in the darkness of the pandemic,” notes Dr. Lane. “Right now, every family should be encouraging adult parents and grandparents to get COVID-19 vaccinations, being certain to get both first and second shots of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Plus, adult children wanting special ways to honor Moms for Mother’s Day, or Dads for Father’s Day, should be scheduling and completing COVID-19 vaccinations, too.”
In honor of Mother’s Day and surpassing their vaccination goals, ChenMed’s #VaxTheNation team has created a special Mother’s Day COVID-19 vaccination video for people to share with their families to spread the word about the importance of getting vaccinated.
“Thankfully, this year, vaccinated seniors will have a much brighter Mother’s Day than in 2020 and will finally get to hug the people they most love again, in person,” says Dr. Chen. “Our Mother’s Day wish this year is for friends and family to encourage each other to get vaccinated, especially people with the highest risk factors including age, health and socioeconomic factors. We can get across the finish line if we each encourage just one other person to get vaccinated – at ChenMed our doctors are ready to serve.”
About ChenMed
For seniors most in need of care, high-quality health care often is beyond reach. ChenMed brings concierge-style medicine — and better health outcomes — to the neediest populations. ChenMed is a privately owned medical, management and technology company. A provider of choice for some 20 Medicare Advantage health insurance plans, ChenMed is one of Fortune Magazine’s 2020 “Change the World” companies “taking on society’s unsolved problems – and boosting their business as a result.” ChenMed brands include Chen Senior Medical Center, Dedicated Senior Medical Center, and JenCare Senior Medical Center.