By Romeo Reyes Legaspi, MD

Just as Baby Boomers are aging into their senior years, America is facing a growing shortage of qualified physicians.

The initial catalyst for the decline was the COVID-19 pandemic, as doctors left practices nationwide in response to long hours and burnout. Currently there are more than 54 million adults aged 65 and older, and that is projected to reach more than 80 million by 2040.


According to the Medscape 2023 “Physician Burnout and Depression” report, 57% of the physicians felt burned out, with internal medicine, emergency medicine and pediatric physicians among those most affected. Contributing factors included too many bureaucratic tasks, too many patients and too many work hours.

Even with an assembly-line mentality at work for many overworked physicians, it’s still not enough. In fact, a 2022 study from the University of Chicago found doctors would need 26.7 hours each day to provide guideline-recommended primary care for their patients.

If only there were a way to rethink the status quo, giving physicians more time with each patient, and making the work of a physician more satisfying.

There is.

At its heart is value-based care, a system that rewards good health outcomes rather than how many patients you can see and how many procedures you can get them to undergo. In other words, quality takes precedence over quantity. Also critical is working with an integrated care team, in which health care professionals such as pharmacists, nurses, behavioral-health specialists and care coordinators work together to see that all the patients’ needs are met. Back-office support, too, helps ensure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed. As an internal medicine physician with Conviva Care Center Deerfield Beach West, I am fortunate to have each of these advantages at my disposal, so I have time to develop deeper relationships with my patients that benefit their wellbeing as well as mine. There is a distinct work/life balance that I find very appealing.

I can relate to my professional colleagues, but my experience with Conviva has opened my eyes to a better way of practicing medicine that allows me to retain my passion for helping patients and maintain that work-life balance. My goal is to not only learn about my patients, but to make sure they are on the path to better health. I love what I do.

There’s a personal standpoint that I find fulfilling as well. As a native of the Philippines, I appreciate members of the “Greatest Generation” who helped save my country from oppression during World War II. Some of my senior patients are veterans, and for me it’s an instant connection, because when I talk to them it reminds me every day of the sacrifices they made and how important it is to provide them with the best possible care.


Conviva doctors work in a stable environment. I like being part of an established, secure business organization that continues to expand in the South Florida market, while offering great benefits and opportunities for personal growth. Conviva’s network is growing, and this provides physicians opportunities to work at different locations and experience the benefits of an organization that supports a care team model.

Conviva has met and surpassed my expectations, because it’s a care model that offers holistic, senior-focused care, and every member of the team is engaged in a patient’s life.

Medical teams at Conviva enjoy a long list of patient referrals. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a physician to treat the son or daughter of someone they treated many years before. I value this continuity. Our life’s work is our patients, and any day we help a patient is a good day.

Seniors seeking care at a Conviva Care Center will see a physician experienced in caring for senior patients. Our staff genuinely cares about every patient’s well-being and routinely goes above and beyond to meet their needs.

Our patients trust how we manage their care. Smaller patient panels and longer appointments allow me to build better relationships, and I feel more satisfaction, because I know my patients are being cared for in every way.

To learn about positions available at Conviva today, visit, email or call Senior Physician Recruiter Valerie Myers at (305) 898-5394.