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Thursday February 25, 2021

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July 2004 - Volume 1 - Issue 1
Elizabeth Deleon Stolkowski was recruited from her home in the Philippines almost thirty years ago to work in America as a nurse when she was only 20 years old.
The current medical malpractice insurance crisis has led some Florida physicians to consider dropping their malpractice insurance coverage and practice uninsured or "bare."
When you talk to physicians these days, the discussion soon focuses on the liabilities inherent in medical practice, the insurance needed to pay damages arising from patient suits, and the chilling impact high-dollar court judgments have on the delivery o
Hospitals should be a haven. A place where injured people can have their wounds tended to and sick people can get well. U.S. hospitals succeed at meeting those goals most of the time, but that doesnít mean mistakes donít happen.
Part One of a Two Part Series
A major biomedical research, technology development and drug design institute is headed to Palm Beach County.
With todayís budget cuts and declining reimbursements, can a hospital afford to "niche" market its specialty services? Can a hospital or health system afford not to?
The year 2001 was a landmark year in many ways, but for rehab hospitals it was a year that, in a manner of speaking, liberated them.
In this ever changing world in which we live in is the lyrics from a well known song, written by Paul McCartney.
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