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Saturday May 8, 2021

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February 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 8

Health care is said to be the second most regulated industry after nuclear power. All providers, regardless of size, specialty or revenue, are subject to essentially the same regulatory environment

Dr. Paul Kurlansky, Director of Research at the Florida Heart Research Institute, originally chose the dynamic field of cardiac surgery as his specialty because he enjoyed helping people in a direct, immediate way.

I live with a woman of few words … in fact, the amount she speaks is the absolute opposite of the amount she reads (which is an enormous amount!)

Typically in medical malpractice lawsuits, a non-party treating physician is sought to be deposed by either the plaintiff’s attorney bringing the action, or the attorney for the defendant healthcare provider.

More than 200 people recently gathered in the Boca Raton gardens of Hospice by the Sea - staff, board members and family of former patients, along with national and local dignitaries - to initiate the agency’s 35th Anniversary Year with an “Evening of Remembrance.”

During the last few years many studies have revealed an increasing incidence of clinical errors in hospitals as well as office-based medical practices.

One of the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath is to do no harm. Yet statistics show that physicians often make mistakes and that other physicians overlook these errors for fear of negative consequences.

The images, when they flashed on TV screens across America, were heartbreaking. Whole communities flattened. Iconic landmarks washed into the sea. More than 100 dead.

The Heart Program at Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) is a regional leader in providing care for children and adults with congenital heart disease.

Interventional/Structural cardiologist Alexander Llanos, M.D., performed the first Atrial Septal Defect Closure procedure at the Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Center at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

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