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Saturday May 8, 2021

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March 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 9


It is not a secret that the business side of healthcare is swiftly changing. Both physicians and practice administrators should be looking for new ways to connect with patients.

Being rushed to a hospital emergency room can be pretty frightening at any age. But if you are elderly, perhaps hard of hearing, can’t see well, or are a bit unstable on your feet, the normal clamor of any hospital emergency room can be overwhelming.

D.K. Mink is president of Mink & Mink, Inc., a 20-year-old Ft. Lauderdale boutique commercial real estate company specializing in sales, leasing, management and acquisition of medical, office, retail and industrial buildings.

Linda Cox, M.D., FAAAAI, is an allergist in solo private practice in Ft Lauderdale and a clinical associate professor of medicine at Nova Southeastern University.

Yes, I first want to go on the record that it was not my fault. Sometimes through a confluence of events bad things can happen to good people — especially 62-year-olds (like me) with that syndrome I have named AAAD

The False Claims Act ("FCA"), 31 USC §§3729, et. seq. is a significant tool in the Government's fraud and abuse tool box. Established in 1863 during the American Civil War in an effort to prevent individuals from selling defective equipment

Full implementation of “Obamacare” is drawing closer and one important question these reforms were designed to answer is becoming clearer:

Now that the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act has become a reality, Florida is starting to see greater activity in physician and medical-practice consolidation.

Some providers have become very successful using the “At Risk” model, whereby they receive set premiums from an insurance company

People who work with the terminally ill are reminded by their patients in ways subtle and obvious to treasure the everyday beauty of life and celebrate its milestones.

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