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Thursday May 28, 2020

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November 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 5




The underlying theme for this year’s FMDA conference, “Best Care Practices in the Geriatrics Continuum 2014” was exceptionally timely:” Future Directions: Transforming Long-Term Care.”

Two years ago, pro football punter Brandon Fields and his wife, Katie, created a kids’ fitness program in Broward County based on a similar program they’d created while living in their native Ohio.

As they often do the frantic calls came in the middle of the night to Fred Cutting, of Clearwater, and David Trilling, of Lutz. Earlier this year, the volunteer pilots with Angel Flight Southeast were enlisted to transport two prospective Tampa Bay area transplant recipients to Miami for life-saving organ transplants
There is a common misperception that palliative care is synonymous with hospice, that it is offered to patients with a terminal prognosis within in a six-month timespan.

There are more than 65 million caregivers in this country who experience stress, frustration and illness caused by their responsibilities. Family caregivers are especially vulnerable; they try to balance multiple roles placing real demands on their time and attention.

It has been interesting coming back as an Administrator for a hospice program after a nearly twenty-year absence. During that time, regulatory oversight and medical science has changed as the hospice movement evolved into the hospice industry.

As Chief Medical Officer of Harbor Palliative Care and Advanced Illness Management of TrustBridge Health, Dr. Leonard Hock concentrates his efforts on building the TrustBridge physician team and expanding the network of contracted physicians.

Consumer health informatics as a field is developing rapidly as the delivery of health care in the United States is changing the traditional roles of patient and provider.

The United States health care industry is continuously changing due to economic pressures, political issues and technological advancements. In order to maintain the viability and success of their organizations, health care managers must be fully cognizant

While most students in a Healthcare MBA program have considerable healthcare or managerial experience, it may have been years—and for some, decades—since they've written an essay or paper.

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