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Saturday May 8, 2021

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December 2014 - Volume 11 - Issue 6


Many consider this to be a challenging era for America’s healthcare industry. At Broward Health, we see it as an exciting time, ripe with opportunity to reach not only those who are most likely to need our services, but to proactively care for the health of entire communities.

Healthcare delivery is now one of the largest service economies in the world. To better equip physicians in their demanding roles as administrators and senior staff members in private offices, group practices and hospitals, the Center for Leadership (CFL) at Florida International University ...

Dr. Michael Hoffer, a University of Miami researcher and former Navy surgeon, wants to tackle sports-related head injuries at every athletic level, from the National Football League to your child’s soccer league.

Charles Michelson recently participated on a panel entitled, "Building the Hospital of Tomorrow." When asked what the Hospital of Tomorrow will look like, he replied, "That's why there was a panel, because there's no one answer to that question."

In my quest to finally catch my grandson Karter playing football and have a school lunch with my granddaughter Kenzie, I headed up to Atlanta for the third time this fall and finally got there!

Greetings colleagues. I’m Kristen Palanza, the 2015 Communications Chair for the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF). My full time role is with Park Shore Pharmacon, a closed-door, long term care (LTC) pharmacy located in Hallandale Beach, FL.

Recently, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes Florida) issued a decision ruling that the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) does not preempt the Florida law requiring claimants in medical malpractice cases ...

Telecom audits for hospitals generally focus on reducing costs in four main areas. These areas are the most likely places auditors find waste or inefficiencies.

For many it may seem that tax filing season just concluded with the recent passing of the October 15th filing deadline for taxpayers on extension. Now as year-end approaches, it is time to focus on planning for year 2014 taxes and to begin looking at year 2015.

So many medical practices we walk into for network audits have wireless access points, and many of their devices run exclusively off this platform. Using wireless exclusively in a practice makes life easy when installing computers, laptops, printers, iPads, and other peripherals.

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