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Saturday May 8, 2021

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December 2015 - Volume 12 - Issue 6

For Nabil El Sanadi, M.D., one of the greatest advantages to being a clinical physician who also runs one of the largest public health systems in the country is to witness the consequences of your administrative clinical decisions firsthand.

Over the course of the next two years, two major South Florida healthcare organizations - Baptist Health and Bethesda Health - will be merging their operations. While patients and employees will see some changes, most notably in the area of expanded clinical care services

The best thing about the end of a calendar year is that one can clearly assess to a high degree of certainty the level of success achieved for that year. It is a “pause and reflect” moment that can, if used intelligently, become the basis for planning the upcoming year’s strategies.

When assessing your healthcare facilities have you taken the sonic environment into account?  This may prove to be the low hanging fruit for improving your real estate portfolio, and your bottom line.

For a variety of reasons (mostly the idiosyncrasies of the Gregorian calendar), this Publishers Note must be penned in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. So for the most part, this recounting will be based on Carol’s history (or should I say non-history) in the kitchen.

I have always sought opportunities to make an impact on our profession and make a difference in our community. The BCMA offers an amazing opportunity to do just that. 

This year has been a challenging one for healthcare providers. Just to recall, a few of the challenges in 2015 were; the final implementation of ICD-10; two multi-million dollar Civil False Claims settlements involving physician-hospital relationships in Florida

Since publishing his first book, WOW Moments! Turning Everyday Experiences into Extraordinary Events in October of last year, Mark Kent has undergone a lot of WOW! moments of his own. 

If you’re like most small and medium-sized practices or healthcare facilities, you probably don’t have a plan to manage the media should they ever come calling for the wrong reasons … but you should.

When Rachel Terlizzi graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in communications, she was unsure what aspect of her studies she wanted to pursue. After being hired as Community Benefit Coordinator within the Marketing Communications department 

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