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Saturday May 8, 2021

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May 2016 - Volume 12 - Issue 11


 A robust healthcare system is essential to ensure healthy lives and promote wellness within a community. That all begins with the nursing profession, the foundation of any health system.

On David Zambrana’s last day at University of Miami Hospital (UMH), a nurse walked into his empty office and handed him an envelope with a letter. Zambrana, then chief executive officer of UMH, was leaving to take the same position at Jackson Memorial Hospital just across the street.

 Some people wonder how a hospice nurse can work with terminally ill patients who, by definition, expect to live six months or less. What motivates hospice nurses to bond with their patients and support their families and loved ones throughout the caregiving, dying and bereavement processes?

Since its founding in 1979, Jupiter Medical Center has been striving to be a national leader in patient experience and clinical outcomes. As a not-for-profit 327-bed regional medical center, the Jupiter, Fla-based institution operates with 207 private acute-care hospital beds 

Much like my Best Buy allowance, my Publishers Note has been downsized this month. But instead of too many electronic purchases taking their toll on my budget, I can “blame” all of the nurses and Health Care Heroes we are highlighting in this issue

We are reminded almost daily of the consequences of a mentally ill person being allowed to work in a profession in which they place others at risk, in addition to themselves. Some examples are police, military, aviation, and even school-bus drivers. 

Fighting cancer is tough, no matter who you are. The disease not only impacts a patient’s body, mind and spirit, it can affect his or her family, relationships, daily routine, possibly even work life. 

What should you do if you suspect someone is having a stroke? "Obviously, the answer is to bring the person to the hospital." Yes, that's Dr. Erik A. Beyer's answer and it is the obvious one.

I joined the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum because being involved with professional organizations has allowed me to network with some of the most highly skilled and talented professionals within the industry. 

The digital health revolution is changing the way hospitals and physicians provide patient care, share and track information, and run their operations. Innovations such as genomic medicine, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the internet

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