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Wednesday August 5, 2020

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September 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 3


Healthcare delivery and reimbursement are changing. The traditional model of care delivery, known as “fee-for- service”, involves the payer (government or private insurance company) reimbursing the provider (doctor’s office, hospital) based on the number of treatments performed.

The concept of population health is daunting when you consider its very definition – “an approach that aims to improve the health of an entire human population.” Yes, the definition is aspirational. However, I want to share how it can be made achievable through change management.


Healthcare organizations are inherently complex. Consider the milieu in which healthcare transactions typically occur. Medicine itself is an inexact science, and hospitals are often multi-million dollar institutions with thousands of employees and non-employee agents

After he was selected as Memorial Healthcare System’s President and CEO, Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, FACHE, announced a newly designed structure for his executive team – one that would align strategic initiatives and better position the organization for future growth. 

Attorneys from Broad and Cassel’s nationally recognized Health Law Practice Group alongside national and local experts will discuss today’s rapidly changing health care landscape at the annual Broad and Cassel Health Forum Sept. 7.

The South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF) serves as a primary resource for education to local healthcare business professionals, offering quality opportunities for continuing education, supporting learning efforts of membership across the span of their careers. 

So a few weeks back, I had a later than usual night at the office. When I eventually arrived home, I found that my family had already eaten and also managed to save me nothing.

Marrinson Group Founder Ralph Marrinson has seen many changes during his years in the senior services community. One thing that has not changed however is his hands-on dedication to providing the best care for the families he serves.

When the University of Miami’s new Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at Naples was completed in July of 2015, Project Manager Shauna Carpenter of Gresham, Smith and Partners (GS&P), knew that it was something special.1.

"It's an exciting time to be affiliated with healthcare in South Florida," said Sandie Foland. Exciting and busy! Foland is CEO of Baron Sign Manufacturing, and while she said "turn-key branding signage" is the fundamental purpose of the company, so many other facets are involved.

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