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Monday June 14, 2021

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October 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 4


Earlier this year, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center appointed Dianne Goldenberg as the hospital’s new Chief Executive Officer.

As a healthcare executive for over 35 years, Goldenberg has been in a CEO role for more than a decade. Previously, she was CEO of a hospital in Miami-Dade County with a Level II trauma center 

History teaches coastal communities that every hurricane season threatens with the potential for damage from winds, storm surges, flooding and power outages; followed by the aftermath of clean up, repair and treatment of health-related incidents for half the year, from May through November. 

The past 50 years have seen a paradigm shift which was driven by persistent innovation and research. Despite persistent research, cancer remains one of the world’s most serious health care issues. 

Although it appears that the Graham-Cassidy Bill won’t come to a vote as of this printing, these ACA repeal attempts are like cats with nine lives. And although we usually try to stay relatively impartial when it comes healthcare issues (at least in print), Carol and I both feel strongly enough about the Graham-Cassidy Bill to reiterate the following:

How do you create an income stream that you cannot outlive? Lifetime income planning considers your assets; your liabilities; and your potential, possible, and predictable income during retirement.

The Florida Supreme Court’s recent overturn of the caps on non-economic damage awards in medical malpractice cases is the final nail in the coffin of tort reforms enacted in 2003. The frequency of lawsuits against doctors and correspondently the premiums for malpractice insurance in Florida since 2003 have dropped

It’s not every day that healthcare MBA students get to hear from a Harvard-trained physician who is also a Buddhist monk. But that was only one of many transformative experiences shared by a group of 29 Florida International University College of Business students and alumni 

The goal of a sound PR strategy is universal regardless of what industry you are in: deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. In an ideal world, a successful PR campaign is tailored to the marketplace and reaches the patients you want to reach through broad and relevant 

The Future of Medicine Summit XI is set for October 12–13 at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport, West Palm Beach. The highly anticipated program is presented by The Palm Beach County Medical Society Services and the Palm Beach County Medical Society 

Hopefully by the time you read this, Irma will seem like a distant memory. But I am writing it just days after the storm cut through Florida. Despite the devastation, it was inspiring to see neighbor helping neighbor, government offices coordinating recovery efforts,

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