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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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December 2017 - Volume 14 - Issue 6

When people are in times of crisis, they often turn to faith to see them through. This may take the form of organized religion or a more personal kind of spirituality. At Baptist Health, the pastoral care department understands that everyone’s needs are different and are there to support patients, families and staff however they can, every step of the way.

Thinking of expanding your medical practice’s office and clinical space? With interest rates still low, borrowing money to invest in a buildout may seem quite attractive. However, before you move ahead with an expansion plan, there are a few factors you should consider.

In October, Good Samaritan Medical Center appointed Tara McCoy to the position of chief executive officer. As a healthcare executive with a background in strategic development and physician recruitment. McCoy will be responsible for overseeing all strategic, operational and clinical activities at Good Samaritan Medical Center

If there is a phrase to describe our work at Jupiter Medical Center in 2017, it’s “meeting milestones.” As a not for profit hospital we have spent the past year raising nearly $27 million and achieving milestones that will allow us to enhance our infrastructure, deepen our impact in the community, and expand our services and partnerships

As many of you know by now, Carol’s idea of a holiday celebration is a Diet Coke can adorned with white polar bears. And after weathering a Thanksgiving dinner at our house AND a Black Friday garage sale (also at our house), I think she’s really over it. So with Hanukah right around the corner and Christmas not far behind, not to mention five grandchildren ages 2 – 12, she’s threatened to put me in charge.

Florida is in the midst of an opioid crisis. Lack of effective State regulatory oversight of residences known as “sober homes” was found to be a significant contributing factor to the rising death toll from opioid overdose. Sadly, the additional insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment in the Affordable Care Act, combined with Florida’s lack of stringent regulation

It’s amazing to watch yourself change, as the years go on. The outcome of change can be immensely rewarding when you’re forced to change. Sometimes in life we’re catapulted into situations that break us down, literally, and while picking up the pieces to put ourselves back together, we discover this streaming river of strength that runs within us. 

Judging from the enthusiasm of the middle school students who recently visited the Nursing Program at Broward College, the future of nursing is bright, despite a shortage of nurses in Florida.

Now in its seventh year, Broad and Cassel’s South Florida Health Forum brought together local and national experts in health care to discuss key issues facing the industry. One of the highlights from the event was an alarming tale from a former CEO who faced false federal criminal charges. Presentations also focused on compliance and risk, and medical transactions with private equity.

The era of healthcare consumerism is upon us. Today, consumers enjoy greater access to qualitative data about the hospitals and physicians they use, including patient satisfaction scores, health outcomes, and rankings. In addition, social media has placed physician reviews and hospital horror stories a click away.

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