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Wednesday January 20, 2021

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March 2018 - Volume 14 - Issue 9


When it comes to aligning care outcomes with pricing, consumers and healthcare providers are, well … unaligned, a new survey from BDO and the NEJM Catalyst reveals.

“The edges are cracking but the core remains firm and determined,” is how I recently described the present state of our malpractice insurance market for healthcare providers in Florida. Cracking edges in our notoriously cyclical professional liability insurance market in Florida look like increasing claims against Florida doctors

Recently I was traveling to one of my locations in the southeast. I was sitting with a manager who had been working there for about a year listening to him lament the atmosphere at the location. “This manager gets it, this one doesn’t.” 

Palm Beach County Medical Society Services (PBCMSS) offers an award-winning, nationally recognized Community Health Worker (CHW) Care Coordination Training program. The PBCMSS model for the CHW Care Coordination Training Program was recognized for its innovative approach to patient care education 

Changes in the climate of healthcare have had an impact on the relationship doctors have with their profession and the communities they work in. Bureaucracy, finances, work hours, and increasing disengagement from the patients they care for have all been cited as reasons behind an eroded belief in the practice of medicine as a calling.

Parkland, Florida is a quiet, unassuming town located in Northern Broward County. Until yesterday, the quaint city's biggest claim to fame was being the hometown of Chicago Cubs player, Anthony Rizzo (also a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School). And now, Parkland has become infamous because of the unexplainable and horrific events from February 14, 2018.

Dr. Monica Mejia–Acosta is a neurologist on the medical staff at Palmetto General Hospital and a member of the Comprehensive Stroke Center team. Her areas of interest include neurointensive care, epilepsy and status epileptics and stroke. Dr. Mejia–Acosta has been a practicing neurologist for nearly 15 years. 

Dr. Joseph Ricotta is a world-renowned vascular surgeon and leader in endovascular therapies including limb salvage, a specialized focus aimed at saving an individual from amputation. Dr. Ricotta is committed to providing his patients expert care, while ensuring they are fully informed through his explanation of vascular surgery

Haroula Protopapadakis was born and raised in South Florida. Growing up her mother worked in healthcare, and she always wanted to emulate that and also have a career in healthcare. Haroula attended Nova Southeastern University where she received a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare. 

The significant gains I made in my career were thanks in part to the knowledge, skills and connections I gained through the FIU Master of Science in Health Informatics and Analytics (MSHI&A) program. When starting the program, I had some past healthcare experience, but I lacked fundamental understanding of the Healthcare Informatics field. 

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