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Sunday August 25, 2019

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November 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 5




For the second year in a row, Camillus Health Concern, Inc. (CHC) has been recognized by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for providing exemplary service to patients and for its commitment to quality health care. CHC received a 2018 Quality Improvement Award, which noted that it had achieved the best overall clinical performance among all health centers, placing it in the top 30 percent of the adjusted quartile rankings for clinical quality measures.

Amid a growing uninsured population and CMS audits of uncompensated care reporting starting this fall, hospitals’ lifelines will be proper patient-level documentation and clearly defined charity care policies. created a new Rx program to help providers and their practices save their patients up to 80% on prescriptions. By providers using the MediXallRx discount program in their practice, patients will leave more satisfied knowing they are significantly saving on their prescriptions when they use the MediXallRx Savings Card at their pharmacy.

Special Care Providers was recently awarded the South Florida HIMSS Innovation Award for implementing Centric Consulting’s BlueBeak technology, which has significantly enhanced the level of care patients receive within their Special Care Unit (SCU).

Plaza Health Network’s University Plaza is now providing customized outpatient therapy services, as part of the Network’s ongoing commitment to high quality rehabilitative care.

“Therapy is such a major component of the overall care we provide,” said Elaine Bloom, President and CEO of Plaza Health Network.

Healthcare providers and healthcare systems have common fundamental goals – improving clinical and health outcomes, expanding and facilitating access to all healthcare services across the full continuum of care, and optimizing cost and efficiency. The ability to achieve these goals, however, is severely constrained by a range of critical challenges.

This Fall, I went on a business-led Palm Beach County leadership trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to see why the city’s stellar growth in attracting a high amount of talent has left out much of its own population. The Chetty research study revealed a tale of two cities in which certain zip codes ranked dead last in economic mobility; certain social determinants must improve to lessen inequities.

The University of Miami Executive MBA is celebrating its fortieth-year anniversary. As one of the very first business school-based health management programs in the United States, the program proudly counts over 1,000 highly successful regional and national CEOs, vice presidents, physicians and nurse executives, research directors and entrepreneurs amongst its alumni. 

For more than a decade, we have all heard the predictions of a dire shortage of physicians in critical care areas. Currently, Florida ranks 42nd out of the 50 states for Graduate Medical Education (GME) spots per 100,000 people. The impact for South Florida is potentially significant, since we know physicians very often end up practicing where they were residents.

Catholic Hospice is on the threshold of celebrating its 30year anniversary, serving people of all faiths in our community. With this milestone comes an opportunity to reflect not only on past accomplishments, but rather and more importantly on the future – the next 30 years.

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