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Tuesday November 24, 2020

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January 2006 - Volume 2 - Issue 7


With the myriad of choices and variety of offerings and pricing are there any recommendations for the use of technology in the office?
From a legal perspective, last year was extremely busy for Florida hospitals and the law firms that work with them.
It didn’t take long for Ronald F. Giffler, M.D., to move into high gear in his new role as president of the Broward County Medical Association. And his ambitious agenda includes issues involving physicians, hospitals and health care facilities, and...
As 2005 is completed, we prepare to enter yet another year which brings hope, uncertainty, and goals. Decades ago, physicians would view a new year as an opportunity for growth. Another calendar year meant another year of experience, and that was...
I confess. I’m a Yogi Berra fan, and not because he was one of the best players to ever don a Yankee uniform.
Memorial Healthcare System: A Financial Overview
While Memorial Healthcare System is noted for an array of exceptional services, it is obvious that the Broward County-based system is committed to cancer management, cardiac care … and children. The system has been recognized for its comprehensive...
Today, healthcare is a dynamic industry moreso than ever. So while change is constant, flexibility and adaptability to changes are keys to remaining successful and profitable, especially with increasing costs for new technology. But, the outlook ahead is...
Will 2006 be the year in which the National Labor Relations Board will finally give us definitive guidance on which of our nurses can be classified as "supervisors" for purposes of the National Labor Relations Act? We hope so and we believe so. The issue...
Nearly everyone knows by now that the high cost of medical malpractice insurance remains a significant problem for Florida’s health care providers. And strategies for fixing the malpractice conundrum abound. However, none of these approaches, including...
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