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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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November 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 5

For people who suffer with pain, today’s healthcare climate can seem like a harsh reality. The implications for finding safe and adequate pain solutions exist for patients and families, and there are shared concerns and burdens experienced by healthcare providers who strive to be a part of the solution and to responsibly manage pain.

It’s the best of both worlds … new and innovative but founded on a decades-long legacy. Miami’s Nexus University, established in 2017, offers a new and innovative transformative education based on current student-centric educational philosophies of Leadership. It is the third branch campus (and first in the United States) of Universidad Mayor, a private institution in Santiago, Chile proud of a 30-year tradition of educational endeavors.

Providing a positive patient experience is critical for any healthcare system. Not only does it make your patients feel they are cared for, but it can lead to better outcomes which means more patients and more revenue.

In 1983 Peggy Pettit was a young, newly minted RN with a passion for end-of-life care born of her own experience caring for her dying mother. She heard about a small hospice in South Florida and made up her mind to get a job there.

She did. Today Pettit is executive vice president of VITAS® Healthcare, now the nation’s leading hospice provider with Pettit as one of its longest-serving employees.

And this Thanksgiving for the first time in much too long, many chairs at the Felix Thanksgiving dinner table will be filled. We’ll have all our kids and grandkids under one roof for the holiday. But to be perfectly candid, it’s also many people living in fear Carol will attempt to actually cook the meal! Even last year when she relied quite heavily on catering, no one exactly stuffed themselves at our table. 

In today's digital world, onsite communication has become harder than ever, thanks to the countless distractions people face. Knowing how to use technology to engage, inform and educate your target audience with ease has become a communicational nightmare. Fortunately, DSignage has helped countless institutions tackle these issues by leveraging today's technologies to create eye-catching smart signage solutions to communicate to the right people in the right place at the right time.

While it’s not too early to find a great holiday sale, it’s equally as true that it’s not too late to do some year-end tax planning to help you achieve some tax savings for 2019.

Red this article to find out where to buy Amoxicillin over the counter in the US.

Heather Havericak’s health care journey started at the age of 12, when her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer. Though she had originally planned to go into elementary education as a college freshman, she soon changed her major to nursing, and began working her way up the ranks as a nurse while earning more advanced degrees.  

Last month, we shared what Physician leadership groups (PLGs) are and how they play an integral part in chipping away internal organizational silos by fostering mutual trust between a hospital organization and its physicians—all while driving sustained growth and strong operational performance.

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