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Tuesday May 18, 2021

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October 2020 - Volume 17 - Issue 4

For the last year-and-a-half, a hard market has been unfolding in the medical professional liability sector, which provides malpractice insurance. And with a recent announcement by Lloyd’s of London, it looks like the difficulties the sector has been facing are about to get even worse.

"It came as a big surprise," said Dr. Stephen D. Nimer, in what could be considered a classic understatement. Dr. Nimer was referring to a $126 million anonymous donation made on his behalf to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami. However, while the donation itself might have been a surprise, the reason behind it is pretty clear.

According to Nick Silverio, "public awareness saves lives," and for that reason, Silverio, founder of A Safe Haven for Newborns, is delighted to have formed a partnership with Century Ambulance Service, Inc. Salome Lofty, Account Executive, South Florida, of Century, agrees.

Digital Diagnostics was founded by Dr. Michael Abramoff to use technology to improve patient access to high quality care, save all stakeholders real dollars, and directly improve patient outcomes. They do this using artificial intelligence that is FDA authorized to remove the physician oversight from standard of care tests.

It seems like seconds (in reality, it feels like centuries) ago that we were only contemplating how COVID might possibly interfere in our lives. And I, and surely many of you, had that all too prevalent American NIMBY* confidence that this would be happening in other countries, oceans away. Well we were warned, we were wrong, and COVID came.

Some interesting data is starting to emerge which indicates that health care is of lesser concern to the electorate during this election cycle than in previous years. The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported on these trends that show the public’s focus has clearly been impacted by the emergence of seemingly more immediate concerns such as the economic impact of COVID-19 and social justice issues.

I am sure anyone who has had a loved one diagnosed with cancer or some other terminal illness can attest to the feeling of shock and the surreal quality that you feel when hearing the diagnosis. It is like a punch in the stomach, a gnawing feeling that this is what you now have to face every day you wake up.

For more than 25 years, Paula M. Zalucki, FACHE, FACMPE, has served in consulting and senior leadership roles in medical groups, large integrated delivery systems, and community hospitals. As the senior manager at ECG Management Consultants, she is focused on performance improvement among medical groups, specifically those that are part of hospital systems.

About a year and a half ago, my wife and I downsized homes which translated into moving east about 25 minutes. After 12 months of going out of our way for doctor appointments, we started to weigh which medical professionals were worth fighting traffic for. As a result, some did not make the cut. 

As we enter the seventh month of the COVID-19 lockdown, labor unions continue to find themselves increasingly more relevant, especially as many healthcare staff and professionals find their work assignments and paychecks disrupted as their employers deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

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