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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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March 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 9


March 30 is Doctors’ Day, an annual observance for acknowledging and appreciating physicians who we rely on and trust to make us feel better, cure our disease, and even save lives. The holiday first started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia, and since then it has been honored every year on March 30

There has been a tremendous amount written about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon design and healthcare facilities. “New normal,” “healthcare design strategies,” and “redefining how we work and live” have been the catch phrases we have heard over the past year 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest public health and healthcare challenge of our time. In the face of this challenge, Broward Health caregivers have remained committed to providing quality healthcare to all we serve.

By the time a physician has been in practice for 40 years, the majority—75 percent of those in low-risk specialties, and 99 percent of those in high-risk specialties—will most likely have been involved in at least one malpractice claim. On average, these claims involve indemnity payments of approximately $300,000 or more

I am speechless … and for those who know me, that doesn’t happen very often (if ever, according to Carol.) This is our 16th Annual Salute to Physicians and it never gets any easier to express just how important our doctors are to all of us. And never more so, than these past 12 months.

When the Florida Legislature officially begins meeting March 2, lawmakers can demonstrate our state’s commitment to a strong and vital health care delivery system. Among its items for the 60-day session is the budget to govern state spending for 2021-2022. Funding the state’s Medicaid program, a critical safety net program serving nearly 4.5 million Floridians,

As the co-owner of JKARE, a company that offers clinical respiratory care services and home medical equipment and supplies in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Karen Alba is responsible for making sure that patients with respiratory issues and chronic conditions have access to the care they need.

As a private  institution, South University is dedicated to the intellectual, social and professional development of a diverse student population. Believing that all qualified individuals should have the privilege of formal academic training, South University welcomes all who seek educational challenges.

As we head into 2021, healthcare providers must confront the CMS’s new rule on price transparency. This rule, while intended to help consumers better compare prices across providers, will require significant resources for healthcare organizations to reach compliance at a time when COVID-19 is already straining the system.

Every successful service organization has them. Be it the “My pleasure” you hear at every Chick-fil-A. Or that you will never see a staff member pointing at a Ritz Carlton. Or how 5-star restaurants encourage employees to ‘Beat the Greet’ by welcoming patrons before they can say a word. Apple, Tesla, Amazon.

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