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Sunday May 24, 2020

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April 2006 - Volume 2 - Issue 10



I recently attended a meeting where one of the speakers was a representative of the AMA. He spoke at length about a variety of ills plaguing the practice of medicine.
There are languages in which the words "to learn" and "to teach" share the same etymologic origin. The reasons are obvious: anyone who teaches knows that the teacher must learn the topic extraordinarily well to teach it; the "learner" (or researcher) is...
For almost thirty years we have conducted numerous indoor air quality studies, which were promulgated by either employees’ complaints of the air they were breathing and their allergic affects reported or by homeowners who complain of allergies and chronic...
Each year, children are sent home from school because they have lice in their hair. While some parents are able to solve the problem themselves, others look to companies like Lice Source Services to help them identify and remove the flat, wingless...
Are you asset rich but income poor? Do you have an appreciated asset that will incur a substantial capital gains tax? Will your estate be exposed to estate taxes? Are you charitably inclined? If you answered "yes" to any of the preceding questions, you...
Last time we discussed taste and odor problems in our water. This month we will continue with color problems. There are several things in life that we take for granted. Water is very often one of them. Each of us uses this vital liquid, the most common...
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