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Tuesday February 18, 2020

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December 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 6




Health care consumers are in the driverís seat when it comes to choosing providers and services. Now more than ever, it takes more than being listed in an insurerís provider directory to attract patients to your hospital or practice. What do we know...
As the busy holiday sales season begins local retailers are putting out all the decorations and we are getting ready to start our shopping season our wallets may be a little slim with all that is going on in the economy. Well, let look and see how online...
Hospice of Palm Beach County understands the vital roles that faith and spirit play in the lives of patients and their families, and for more than 30 years have provided spiritual care counselors for all faiths. Chaplains are an integral member of the...
Signature HealthCARE, a family-based organization, is revolutionizing the long term care industry through innovative programs including its Department of Spirituality and Chaplain programs. Currently, Signature HealthCARE has 56 full and part-time Chaplai
Since 1865, Chaplains working in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers have been providing care in support of the spiritual dimension of our veteransí health. Though Chaplains have a deep appreciation of how oneís spirituality and, perhaps,...
The relationship between science and spirituality is complex and often uneasy. In strict scientific circles, the mention of faith is often seen as a sign of lower intellect, or perhaps worse, as a sign of mental weakness. Faith, in other words, is for...
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