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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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November 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 5

Patients who are discharged from hospital to home – especially those with complex care needs – may have a rocky transition, and find themselves readmitted after only a few days.

The one conclusion we can all agree upon as healthcare reforms begin is that, by definition, change is happening in medicine. With change comes potential for an explosion of lawsuits against doctors and hospitals if we are not careful.

Aging at home is an important goal for many of today’s active, engaged senior citizens. To help them remain safely at home, Lifewatch USA has combined state-of-the-art medical alert systems with high-tech health maintenance services into packag

Every once in a while, Carol completely forgets who she’s married to and decides to improve my mind a bit. On a recent getaway to the Keys, she put down her book long enough to try to explain a Paraprosdokian sentence.

The legacy of health care fraud enforcement has primarily targeted organizations for criminal, civil and administrative liability for fraudulent and abusive practices.

It is surprising to find that many organizations do not prepare a comprehensive analysis of their business. Very few have a SWOT report.

Doctors and other health care professionals, like members of the public at large, can encounter impairments that adversely affect their ability to perform acceptably.

The transition from paper-based processes to electronic, automated systems and solutions is viewed as one of the key methods for bringing healthcare facilities and physician practices to a new level of efficiency ...

In past articles we’ve talked about the importance of expanding the reach of your employment brand though social media to connect with candidates you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to.

I’ve been a hypnotist for more than ten years and seem to never stop being amazed by its effectiveness as well as its versatility.
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