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Wednesday April 14, 2021

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December 2010 - Volume 7 - Issue 6


Year end is a powerful time – a time of great celebrations and gatherings, a time of reflection and resolution and hope for the future.

When Carolyn Newman was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2006, she became a self-described “cancer warrior.”

Who would’ve guessed that among all the tragic injuries and infectious disease resulting from Haiti’s earthquake that a brain tumor patient would be treated along the way?

Hospitals often view their medical office building (MOB) investments differently than doctors that own their medical facilities.

I guess I’m just a simple soul … at least, Carol tends to tell me that on a daily basis.

How many bare doctors are now practicing in Florida and have they begun purchasing coverage again now that malpractice premiums are so much lower?

The popularity of health-themed reality programming on consumer TV serves as a reminder of some important attributes of a technology ...

The field of radiology is currently facing criticism, mostly because of over-utilization, over- radiation and exorbitant prices.

Healthcare Performance (HP) Companies announced it has completed a Joint Venture Agreement with Merit Sleep Centers

How do we make the decisions that we do?
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