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Saturday May 8, 2021

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April 2011 - Volume 7 - Issue 10


“He, who saves one life, saves the world entire.”  That sentence, paraphrased from the Talmud, beautifully expresses the value of every single human life.

As a registered nurse who has worked in hospice for more than 15 years, I believe that caring for dying patients and their families is sacred ...

Since reform and regulation have stirred the industry, it has become an even more complex environment, though the goal is to streamline processes.

His smile is infectious. His delivery is staccato fast. His compassion for people torn by war, poverty, disease and misfortune is seemingly boundless.

A recent survey by a New York TV station asked people on the street to remove any items of clothing which were not made in the U.S.A.

Clinical integration is defined by the Advisory Board Company as “a strategy in which physicians – sometimes in partnership with a hospital or a health system ...

While eliminating fraudulent claims is the stated goal of recently proposed P.I.P legislative bills, many of the proposed provisions would only give insurers the upper hand, according to healthcare executives.

There are many changes each year to laws and statutes that affect or can affect all of us. In terms of a hospital or medical facility, when there is a case involving personal injury ...

Everyone’s goal is to significantly recover more, do it faster, and reduce the number of accounts ever needing to go to collections.

Making a strategic shift to support the medical electronics industry with repair solutions, local PC service parts giant Micro Product Distributors "MPD" has launched a new division, Giromag, Inc.

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