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Sunday August 25, 2019

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November 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 5




Soon Medicare will begin to decrease financial reimbursement for hospitals with low patient satisfaction scores, giving healthcare providers another incentive to perform better.

Many experts believe there is a tremendous gap between medical skills required in the 21st century healthcare workforce, and the skills and skill-level of students taught in higher educational settings.

Wouldn’t life be easier if your kids looked forward to going to the dentist? Taking children to the dentist can sometimes be a source of anxiety for parents.

Larry Gorfine, M.D., and Douglas MacLear, D.O., report that a more aggressive approach to acute injury statistically yields improved outcomes.

It’s an all too common scenario in U.S. nursing homes –a 90-year-old resident with moderately advanced Alzheimer’s disease, congestive heart failure with severe left-ventricular dysfunction

At Specialized Nursing Services (SNS), advocacy is a term that has great significance and multiple meanings. The dedicated administrators and multidisciplinary staff

At the time of her diagnosis with stage 2 breast cancer, “Amy,” a 40-year-old mother of two, received from her gynecologist information about surgical and other treatment options

At Hospice of Palm Beach County and Hospice of Broward County, we’ve been caring for patients for over 30 years.

When people think of hospice, they often assume the majority of patients are elderly. Especially in Florida, this assumption is typically accurate.

Hospice staff are there for families at a time of great need. Joe McNett, a Hospice of Palm Beach County Chaplain, tells his story below, teaching us that perfect strangers can become “family.”

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