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Monday December 16, 2019

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December 2019 - Volume 16 - Issue 6




A recently finalized CMS rule signals that the healthcare industry should brace for another wave of orthopedic-related consolidations — especially those driven by private equity and health systems seeking to enter joint ventures with larger orthopedic practices.

In any industry, the need for a crisis and issues management strategic communications plan to be in place can mean the difference between a Code Blue and a Code Clear.

There is no one “fix all” plan when it comes to a crisis or an issue that you want contained. The response depends on several factors including: impact on the institution/brand; severity of the issue; and impact on your stakeholders.

Who wouldn’t give a thumbs-up to a warm seaside vacation? So, why not make it a ‘smart’ vacation with long-term benefits for overall physical health, weight loss, improved mental attitude and environmental support at the Balance For Life Health Retreat in the Wyndham Hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida?

Wellington Regional Medical Center has acquired 35 additional acres in Westlake from Minto Communities for the future development of a medical campus. The transaction closed November 25. Terms were not disclosed.

The University of Miami Health System plans to continue the expansion of its services throughout South Florida by building a medical center in Downtown Doral, the 250-acre mixed-use community developed by Codina Partners.

As a Catholic, non-profit hospital, Fort Lauderdale-based Holy Cross Hospital’s ministry formation program is essential to preserving its religious legacy and ongoing mission to care for the sick, dying and most vulnerable members of the local community.

When he was a young boy in Cuba, Pedro J. Diaz considered becoming a Catholic priest. He pursued a medical degree instead, driven by an interest in medicine and the desire to marry and have a family.

Dr. Diaz joined VITAS in 2009 as a hospice physician specializing in the care of terminally ill patients in their homes throughout Dade and Monroe counties.

For many All in the Family conjures up the iconic TV show from the 70’s … but to the Perez family, it means Americanna Laboratories, a family operated business that strives to translate a 30-year legacy of expertise into bringing good science to the cannabis testing industry to ensure the safety of products to consumers.

Cannabis has always been in Brady Cobb’s blood.

From 1977 to 1983, his father, Bill Cobb imported about $200 million worth of marijuana into the United States for Colombia’s Medellin cartel. This led to a sentence of 20 years in prison. Ironically, cannabis also provided his father with relief from his battle with bone cancer which ultimately ended his life in 2010.

When GrowHealthy was awarded a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license in 2016, the Florida medical cannabis industry was still in its infancy. Today, the state ranks second in the nation for industry growth, with more than 600 new people signing up each day.

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