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Saturday September 26, 2020

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September 2020 - Volume 17 - Issue 3


On August 26, 2019, Miami Dade College - Medical Campus opened its door to a state-of-the-art academic simulated facility; Center for Learning, Innovation and Simulation (CLIS) located in the heart of the Health District in Miami, Florida. The way this addition connects the campus was not by chance, it was through the vision and collaboration of Medical Campus leadership.

A consortium of Florida institutions including the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has been awarded a $15 million grant to collaborate on Alzheimer’s disease research.

The state of Florida has faced a lot of challenges lately, yet even in the midst of hurricanes and a global pandemic, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nicole “Nikki” Fried has been able to move forward on the state’s plan to create a hemp cultivation program.

There are currently more than 580,000 Floridians aged 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s. It is expected that this number will grow to 720,000 by 2025. Physicians worry that the medical profession is not prepared to face this demand and believe that there aren’t enough options for continuing education and training. 

Wetting the toes or diving in? Questions bring forth considerations which bring forth answers. Whether you are already a “qualified” physician, or are considering the opportunity to become one, this article will raise a few questions you should ask yourself, and offer a few answers, as well. 

According to Joshua S. Horton, substance use disorder "is probably the number one health crisis in the country right now, killing more people under age 55 than any other cause." For that reason, Horton, of the Joshua S. Horton law firm – which specializes in substance use disorder litigation – is working diligently to change the system.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Many of these individuals have already, or will eventually, look to cannabis for relief as an alternative to opioids. In fact, across Florida alone, chronic pain is one of the most cited qualifying conditions for Medical Marijuana cardholders.

Mental breakdowns. Domestic violence. Substance abuse. Crippling depression and anxiety.

From a psychiatric standpoint our current challenges go far beyond coronavirus. Of course, COVID-19 is a big deal, but what will be left in its wake? We must also be focused on the pandemic’s mental health impact.

What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

The benefits for patients of medical cannabis in Florida are countless. Medical cannabis offers a plant-based alternative to pharmaceuticals, provides symptomatic relief for a wide variety of illnesses, and enhances the quality of life for many Floridians.

It’s heartbreaking to watch lives destroyed and sometimes prematurely ended by a person’s addiction to opioids.

It’s something we’ve witnessed firsthand, as Memorial Healthcare System operates the busiest emergency department in Broward and our county historically has the second highest rate of overdose deaths in the state.
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