Cleveland HeartLab, LLC, a leader in next-generation cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and management, has chosen Hayes Clinical Laboratories, the largest independent clinical laboratory in South Florida, to market its proprietary CardioMPO™ test, which can help predict the risk of heart attackMPO, or myeloperoxidase, is an enzyme produced by white blood cells, the body’s defense system. When there is a presence of plaque in the arteries, MPO levels in the blood increase in response to the vulnerability of this plaque to rupture. A rupture can lead to a heart attack. The CardioMPO™ test can help to predict a heart attack in patients with severely elevated MPO levels, which could lead to the need for invasive intervention such as bypass surgery or angioplasty.

“Hayes Labs is one of only two laboratories chosen to market this proprietary test throughout South Florida,” said Trent Hayes, Senior Vice President of Hayes Clinical Laboratories. “We were chosen because of our excellent track record of zero deficiencies in 11 years, and our strategic patient locations. We also offer a wide variety of cardiac tests, and serve many of the top cardiologists and physicians in South Florida.”
With eight locations on Florida’s east and west coasts, Hayes is continuing to expand its operations. The family-owned, independent laboratory has been operating in Palm Beach County since 1962.
“As a regional laboratory known throughout the country, it is an honor for us to work in conjunction with the Cleveland HeartLab on such a groundbreaking test that can save lives,” said Hayes. “We are proud of our continuing role in helping physicians and other South Florida healthcare practitioners diagnose, treat and monitor their patients.”
Hayes is currently shipping the test kits, which should soon be available to medical practitioners in South Florida.  
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