The Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS) Act will make long-term care insurance, receiving a cash benefit of around $50 a day, available to all Americans.

The CLASS Act l also includes a provision to help close the donut hole of Medicare Part D coverage gap for medications. Drug manufacturers will provide a 50 percent discount to Part D participants for brand-name drugs purchased during the coverage gap beginning July 1, 2010; Part D benefit will be expanded by $500 for 2010.
While the above provisions seem to only aid in providing additional insurance coverage and hopefully access to good quality health care for Americans, it has adjusted the long term legal planning for the middle class. Prior to the act the middle class was setting up certain types of trusts commonly called Medicaid trusts. This trust is able to take advantage of being able to pass on your assets to your children while having Medicaid pay most of the expenses of the elder parent. The Medicaid trust also has some side benefits such as asset protection and avoiding probate. The imitative for most of the creation of these trusts was the fear of nursing home costs. Now with that fear dissipating the apparent need for the trust will disappear and as a result the side benefits of avoiding probate and asset protection.