The Executive Leadership Team now includes Dr. Timothy Long, Chief Clinical Officer; Oscar Perez, Chief Applications & Innovation Officer; and Timothy Weldon, Chief Engagement & Development Officer

August 23, 2021 — Health Choice Network (HCN), a nation-wide collaboration of health centers based in Florida with over 2.2 million unique patient lives across 43 safety-net organizations, has experienced rapid growth to adapt to the continuous evolution and development within the health care community. To best support this growth and HCN’s strategic vision to improve quality care for all, the organization announces a new leadership structure, including three new Associates to the Executive

L­­­eadership Team.

Dr. Timothy Long, who has provided shared services between HCN and AllianceChicago since 2017, takes on the full-time role as Chief Clinical Officer for HCN. Dr. Long coordinates and promotes clinical leadership, clinical engagement, and advancing quality health outcomes on the optimal implementation and use of Health Information Technology. In addition, Dr. Long has practiced as a primary care Internist at Near North Health in Chicago, specializing in preventive and community-based health care, chronic disease management, and HIV/AIDS care for the underserved community since 1997.

Oscar Perez, a dynamic, collaborative, and innovative leader with over 25 years of healthcare IT experience and over 15 years of Epic experience, has been named the Chief Applications & Innovation Officer at HCN. Mr. Perez most recently served as the Vice President, Information Technology for Memorial Healthcare System, and prior to that, as Director of Informatics for Jackson Health System. HCN is excited to see how Mr. Perez will utilize his experience with strategic planning and digital transformation to create more efficient workflows and improve the health status of the community.

Timothy Weldon joins HCN as the Chief Engagement & Development Officer, bringing over 20 years of progressive healthcare experience managing the growth and delivering on organizatio­­­nal strategic plans for value-based care delivery systems. Earlier in his career, Timothy held leadership roles at Canton & Company and Continuum Health. With his strong business acumen, teamwork, and collaborative skills, Mr. Weldon’s leadership will help HCN strengthen and expand their network of Community Health Centers.

“It is exciting and essential to expand our amazing Executive Leadership Team with the talent and experience required to support our ever growing and dynamic health center goals. Our Members are increasing their delivery of services, elevating their quality health care, and demanding more from the network they formed over 27 years ago.  We at HCN invested years of planning for this growth and we are delivering for our health centers.” said Alejandro M. Romillo, President and CEO of Health Choice Network, Inc. and Health Choice Network of Florida, Inc.  

About Health Choice Network 

Health Choice Network, Inc. (HCN) is a successful nation-wide collaboration among health centers, health center-controlled networks and partners. By providing key business services in financial, managed care and billing support, strategic initiatives and the latest in health information technology, participants can improve patient outcomes through increased efficiencies and more accessible care in underserved communities. With 43 safety-net organizations in sixteen states serving approximately 2.2 million patients, HCN is recognized as a leader in the integration of health information technology among health centers and safety net providers.