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Thursday August 6, 2020

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July 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 1


A Patient’s Health Care Journey Through Jupiter Medical Center’s Global Medicine Program

After I retired in 2001, my wife, Nancy, and I began to live our dream life in the Bahamas. Both of us were in good health and somewhat oblivious to what our future medical needs might be. We assumed that if we ever needed serious medical help, we would return home to Pennsylvania and our medical comfort zone. That was until we met the team at Jupiter Medical Center.

My first experience with Jupiter Medical Center began in April 2017 with an endoscopy referral from my general practitioner in Abaco, Bahamas. The procedure was very simple, and the transition was seamless, thanks to Marina Ratchford, the Jupiter Medical Center global medicine navigator. The hospital’s Global Medicine services—assistance with travel and transportation arrangements, appointment scheduling, transfer of all my medical records, insurance verification and the overall customer care—made it all very easy.
I thought that was a “one and done” for me with Jupiter Medical Center, but that wasn’t the case. In May of 2017, my wife and I were at lunch at one of our favorite harborside haunts on an 80-degree Friday afternoon, and I didn't feel well at all. Despite the balmy weather, I was freezing, not at all hungry and worst of all, I was unable to urinate. At my wife’s urgings, I saw a doctor who informed us that I had a urinary tract infection and that I had to be on antibiotics for a week. The doctor also informed us that I needed surgery on my enlarged prostate.
For a moment, we considered heading back to our doctors in Pennsylvania, but we quickly realized that Jupiter Medical Center would be there for me, just like they were when I had my endoscopy, and would provide the care that I needed. Based on my initial experience with them, it was the obvious choice. They really did think of everything to make it as easy as possible to get the care I needed when I had my first procedure. I immediately reached out to Marina, my global medicine navigator, and let her know that I would be returning.
Within two hours of sending that email on a Friday afternoon, Marina had scheduled an appointment for me to see Dr. Andrew Celigoj, a world-class urologist at Jupiter Medical Center, the following Monday morning. She also scheduled diagnostic tests and made tentative arrangements for me to have surgery the following Friday – one week after my original email. Additionally, she helped us with all our travel arrangements. I rested easy that weekend, knowing that Marina had thought of everything and that my health care would be in good hands once I arrived at Jupiter Medical Center.
Once I arrived, everything went off without a hitch—from admission to doctor visits to tests and surgery, which was performed successfully by Dr. Celigoj. I spent one night in the hospital after surgery, and the team at Jupiter Medical Cent saw to it that my wife was even driven to our hotel and back to the hospital in the morning.
While no one wants to get sick, it gives me a lot of comfort to know that the talented team at Jupiter Medical Center is there if we ever have a medical need in the future. They are dedicated to providing the best care possible and getting you back to your daily life. For me, that means enjoying the sun and surf in the Bahamas!
All's well that ends well! Thank you, Jupiter Medical Center, my new medical comfort zone.
Global Medicine at a Glance
Jupiter Medical Center’s Global Medicine program provides personalized assistance for approximately 200 patients annually. The Global Medicine team takes care of all the details so patients traveling from outside the United States can focus their energy on getting well. The team works closely with each patient and his or her physician to schedule diagnostic testing and treatment. Services include:
- Scheduling appointments, including consultations, tests, and surgeries
- Verifying insurance benefits and/or providing self-pay pricing information
- Making hotel reservations
- Transportation from hotel to hospital and hospital to physician's office (Jupiter area only)
- Personal escort to all outpatient appointments (based on availability)
- Language interpretation services
- Coordination of medical records with the patient’s personal physician to ensure a continuity of care when the patient returns home

For more information on Jupiter Medical Center's Global Medicine program, call (561) 263-5050 or email

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