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Monday March 1, 2021

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June 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 12


Accountable Payment 911

The shift from fee-for-service to accountable payment will require new, collaborative strategies to maintain access to the most effective and efficient new technology.
The change to accountable payment from the traditional fee-for-service model will require new strategies to maintain high-quality care delivery in an environment that no longer rewards volume treatment. Providers will value the ability to provide patients with the array of whatever treatments are necessary and appropriate, in the most efficient way, with the best outcomes. This will be more important than the ability to provide additional services, motivated by the increased volume generating increased revenue.
In the future, capability will be more important than capacity.
In many cases, collaborating to provide needed services will be more cost effective for caregiving organizations than investing in their own facilities or equipment, when it fails to yield an incremental increase in revenue.
Thus, collaboration between various facilities and organizations will be an attractive pathway to maintaining the necessary state-of-the-art care.
At the Cyberknife Center of Miami, we’ve already begun to work with various providers and payors to help them remain competitive in an accountable payment environment.
We’re building on our nearly 10-year experience with an open-staffed delivery model. As the first Cyberknife site in the southeastern U.S., and the 11th in the world, we’ve allowed local physicians and institutions to access this technology by using it as they deem necessary. We’ve allowed access to a maximum number of patients through access to a maximum number of qualified physicians. This has provided broad patient access through broad physician access, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of facilities. It has saved both local institutions, and our community, from unnecessary and costly investment.
Not only do organizations save, but they’re able to capitalize on our reputation as one of the most internationally well-regarded, and well known sites for delivery of radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).
While we’ve worked primarily with physicians in the past, we’re now working with local institutions and organizations to ensure their access to technology.
A variety of alternative arrangements can be constructed so that organizations, and their physicians, can continue to access this technology as they deem appropriate for their own patient populations. Capital can thus be preserved for investments in the technology and facilities that the organization will utilize most frequently. The result is the ability of care organizations to offer patients and payors the assurance that all appropriate and necessary treatment can be given.
It’s a collaborative strategy allowing providers to remain competitive in the changing healthcare reimbursement environment.
Interested institutions can find out more about how collaboration can work for them by calling 305-279-2900. Dr. James G. Schwade is Medical Director and Executive Director, The Cyberknife Center of Miami.
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