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Sunday June 13, 2021

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August 2013 - Volume 10 - Issue 2

BCMA - Why Be a Member?

Who am I? I am an Ivy League trained, board-certified Obstetrician Gynecologist solo practitioner, Type A personality, workaholic, single mother, divorcee, philanthropist, entrepreneur, time-crunched triathlete, and women's health advocate. Moreover , I am a proud member of the BCMA Women's Physicians Section, where I am afforded the invaluable privilege of coming together with my South Florida peers to discuss and empathize over the myriad roles we all juggle daily, while still managing to appear sane and in control. Now let me relay why I feel so passionate about both being a member of the BCMA Women's Physicians Section, and actively helping to swell its membership.
We female practitioners need this organization! There is, by my reckoning, no other such coordinated, nonjudgmental, social environment in this area that encourages us to meet, greet, acknowledge and share our patients' stories, practice knowledge, and life experiences. Medical students, residents, first year practitioners, surgeons, internists, hospitalists, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners to the medical matriarchs who have been in practice over 40 years - our intermittent gatherings provide the chance to talk openly about the challenges and the joys of navigating both the medical system and our personal lives.
We are not alone in running our practices and caring for our patients, while balancing those demands against our own needs and those of our children, partners, and friends. The BCMA Women's Physicians Section provides a valid excuse, as well as medium, to meet our equally frenzied doppelgangers, both professionally and socially.
I can personally testify to directly benefitting from the Women's Physicians Section through referrals generated after an evening's casual conversation, often with someone who might have known my name,
but didn't really know me until we met face to face. It's helped me become acquainted with a number of wonderful women subspecialists that my own patients clamor for-hand surgeons, neurosurgeons, breast oncologists - professionals I was able to meet at these gatherings.
Professional connections aside, I want to emphasize the friendship, mentorship, guidance, commiseration, empathy and just plain fun that comes from spending even a few hours with other women who get it. It lets us slip away from our "second jobs" of being a wife and mother at home. We are all being pulled in a million directions, constantly turning down dinner meetings, pharmacologic presentations, continuing medical education symposiums, and whatever. I implore you to make time for the BCMA and its Women's Physicians Section. You deserve the time away, and the chance to connect with other intriguing women.
In closing, I am excited about the future of BCMA under the 2013 leadership of Dr. Dana Wallace, who has so much to teach about juggling medicine, marriage, children and ballroom dancing! Please make a promise to yourself that you will reserve time in your calendar for the upcoming 2013 Women's Physician Section events, spreading the word to our beleaguered medical girlfriends. Finally, join me in pledging that at next year's BCMA Gala there will be a significant gathering of female practitioners showing we are present in Broward County.
Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam, Medical Director of Elite Obstetrics & Gynecology Fort Lauderdale, can be reached at (954) 776-4877 or For more information about BCMA, visit
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