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April 2009 - Volume 5 - Issue 10




Babes in Toyland

Let’s see … it’s been a pretty busy month for Carol and me. We trekked to the upper 48 (a.k.a. Atlanta) and froze our derrieres off during a long weekend. Amidst a freak snowfall, we celebrated Mackenzie’s 4th birthday as well as Josh’s 31st.

Mackenzie was feted with an afternoon dance party with 15 of her preschool friends. Princess that she is and replete with a silver crown, she feasted on cookie cake and ended up with more Barbie dolls than Hugh Hefner! Like typical grandparents, we thought we had bought her the perfect pink preschool computer – only to find upon opening the box – the realities of being misled by packaging. What looked like a turnkey computer on the box ended up being only a keyboard and mouse. Luckily the mound of Barbies disguised our faux pas and a return trip to the toy store for a new purchase solved our problem. But have any of you attempted to unpack a child’s toy lately. If Homeland Security was run by Hasbro or Fisher Price, our security problems would be over!

Josh chose to celebrate his birthday with us at one of Atlanta’s and his favorite hot spots. And boy can Josh pick them. Since neither Carol nor I could be mistaken for gourmets or wine snobs, Josh obviously was the result of a delivery room mix-up. I didn’t realize Julia Child was in Labor and Delivery that day. He loves good food, enjoys great wines, and thrives on the whole fine dining experience (as does his wife Kris). But I must say the food was wonderful, even if the cheese board for 2 would have left even one of Mackenzie’s Barbie dolls feeling hungry. Seriously, 3 apple slivers, a miniscule triangle of brie and some crackers … And when the check came, I think I managed to hide my shock … but I guess that’s what happens when normally you plan your meals around Early Bird Specials.

Then just last weekend we celebrated our newest grand-daughter Sophia’s baby naming. A small group gathered to welcome Sophia into the Jewish faith and grace her with the names of two of her great-grandfathers. And like all gatherings of our extended family, there was tons of good food … and this time it was my kind of food. So I ate and ate and ate – at least that’s what Carol said the next morning. In fact, she even uttered the dreaded "D" word to me, as in diet, right after she made a subtle comment about the Pillsbury doughboy.

So it’s lettuce leaves and water for me for a while at least, until the next family event. For those of you who follow our family’s exploits, are you detecting a pattern here? Last month, I left you for a frugal feast of Cheerios and this month, it’s rabbit food. I fear there may be a juice fast somewhere in my future!

Charles Felix, Publisher

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