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December 2008 - Volume 5 - Issue 6




Baron Sign "Going Green"

When the founders of Baron Sign Manufacturing talk about "going green," you might wonder just how a sign company can do that. But when you talk with Jerry and Sandie Foland, you'll discover they not only can do it, but they can also do it very well.

"The trend now is to becoming green," Jerry said, "and we now furnish green material, both interior and exterior, for health care facilities, which include hospitals, senior care centers, and other similar places."

The Folands design, build, manufacture and install wayfinding signage, for interior and exterior use, for any type facility. But how does a sign "go green"? "The green sign means it's ecologically sound," Jerry explained. "It has a certain percentage of recyclable materials in it, and usually you can disintegrate or recycle it—at the end of its life, it's not something that lasts in a dump for hundreds of years."

Sandie added, "It is a relatively new initiative that started with all of the talk about improving our planet." She said when they checked the ingredients of some of the material they had used in the past, they discovered it contained formaldehyde and other hazardous materials. "We had no idea!" she exclaimed.

Jerry continued, "So when we did some research, we found that material does exist that we can buy for the same price, that is green and environmental friendly—we can confirm to the design intent while using substituted green materials; so it's a win/win situation for everybody."

He gave an example of just one of the changes Baron Sign has made: "Not so long in the past, the signs we used were lit with neon. Neon is a hazardous gas, it's glass, it's not recyclable and it contains mercury. When it breaks, you have to replace it. It also uses a higher degree of electricity. Now we have changed over to LED lighting systems where possible. LED is sustainable, very low maintenance, and uses a lower voltage—lessening the consumption of electricity."

Jerry pointed out, "There are vendors in the United States who deal only in green materials. We have joined the organization so we can communicate with them and be up to date with the latest technology. We're finding numerous ways we can use these materials that we never even considered."

And this new initiative has been partly responsible for the boom to their business. "We have picked up several clients," Jerry said, "and one of them was Kendall Regional Medical, which is part of Hospital Corporation of America. We are re-designing an interior and exterior wayfinding signage program for them. We have also been called by Jackson Memorial Hospital to talk about the implementation of designing and manufacturing an interior wayfinding signage system for them."

He mentioned renewing and re-organizing a complete wayfinding signage program for Memorial Health Care System in Hollywood; and revitalizing all of the exterior signage for Broward County, which has four hospital districts. "So our health care division is holding more than its own.

"We are now in the final stages of design for a college to re do seven campuses using green materials. There has been some peak interest now to put them in airports as well. So green is in. It's taken us in a new direction and we're at the cutting edge of it."

Jerry emphasized, "Along with health care, we do 'green' business in shopping centers, airports, commercial buildings, and other areas. It's just that when we started in the health care industry, with North Broward Hospital district and several of the hospitals up here, we found that we fit like a glove in this niche."

For more information about Baron's "green" product line or its design/build capabilities for your wayfinding or identification signage requirements, call (800) 531-9558 and ask for Jerry, or visit
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