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Thursday October 1, 2020

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September 2016 - Volume 13 - Issue 3


Baron Signs' Work Both Exciting and Busy

"It's an exciting time to be affiliated with healthcare in South Florida," said Sandie Foland. Exciting and busy! Foland is CEO of Baron Sign Manufacturing, and while she said "turn-key branding signage" is the fundamental purpose of the company, so many other facets are involved.

Foland's list of current healthcare projects includes being chosen by Robins and Morton Construction for Baptist Health Cancer Institute in Miami. "It's a $100 million complex that Baron is fabricating and installing signs for parking garage, interior ADA and exterior illuminated building, and monument wayfinding signage." If that sounds daunting, she agreed, "It is, but when you are a design/ build sign manufacturer, parking garage signage and electrical signage is handled by one division, while the interior and non-electric signs are handled by another division, which allows for all to come together at one time."
In other projects, Foland mentioned Delray Medical Hospital, where Baron is working on a design/build signage branding program. This includes signage for a new bed tower and parking garage with wayfinding interior and exterior. "This is a significant addition to Delray Medical Complex," she commented.
Several other healthcare facilities have also upgraded their signage branding, including Leon Medical Center in Hialeah, University of Miami Health Systems, and Mercy Hospital. The University of Miami Health refurbished and upgraded signage, changing out the neon to LED for both improved look and efficiency. And Mercy Hospital has refurbished and upgraded its exterior signage.
Foland explained, "The process of cleaning the letters and replacing them with more efficient LEDs ensures good light and safety for the area, plus the added advantage of costs savings on electricity. Bethesda Health Physician Group is enjoying new LED signage as well. Baron is now in the process of designing and fabricating a wayfinding and new identification signage program for Broward Health North's new emergency room complex. The program includes applying for sign variances to generate a cohesive signage program."
Some of Baron's healthcare work is what Foland referred to as "ongoing maintenance." She detailed Baron's work with Kendall Regional Hospital as surveying different areas of its campus to improve the wayfinding signage for exterior and interior, and addressing this with maintenance. For exterior signs, she said, "It is necessary to clean, repair and wax the signs to help with the natural weathering process in South Florida."
For several healthcare facilities, Baron has completed surveys to determine adequate wayfinding signage for exterior exposure that includes identifying best practices on how to enter and exit the property safely day or night. Foland further explained that "'adequate surveys' includes meeting with the municipality planning and zoning committees when the hospital identifies additional new or repositioned signage that is required for safety of entering and exiting."
Other projects in the healthcare division on which Baron has had the privilege to assist include Florida Medical Center, St. Mary's Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, as well as Mindful Medical Center, Ernie Els Center, and Hospice of Palm Beach.
Foland summarized by saying, "As a specialist sign manufacturing company for healthcare, we take care to offer the best products for that specific facility location." She concluded, "As a branding sign company, we not only design and build products for the healthcare community, but we also become part of their team to choose the best materials and products to enable all visitors to have the best experience, with easily recognizable signage to visit and park."

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