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Sunday June 13, 2021

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June 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 12


Best in Class Ultrasound System Now Available in South Florida

The ACUSON Sequoia, the flagship ultrasound system from Siemens Healthineers, is now available in South Florida. An ultra-premium ultrasound system, ACUSON Sequoia is designed to address the most prevalent challenges in ultrasound today, according to Lucas Diaz, co-owner and Director of Customer Experience for Med-Lab, an Advanced Partner of Siemens Healthineers in South Florida.

“Patients’ varied physical characteristics and user dependent variabilities can negatively impact a clinician’s ability to deliver an accurate diagnosis,” he says. “The ACUSON Sequoia enables powerful automation in each major mode to reduce user variability and deliver high quality imaging with no user interaction.” Some examples of this include InFocus imaging technology, which eliminates the need for manual focal zones. InFocus imaging delivers improved B-mode image quality and image uniformity with automatic focusing of the image at all depths, and with high frame rates. The ACUSON Sequoia was built from the ground up with a new architecture called BioAcoustic imaging technology; designed to deliver more image clarity and penetration than the conventional ultrasound system.
The ACUSON Sequoia is also equipped with AutoDoppler technology. Immediately upon freeze, AutoDoppler will automatically optimize relevant Doppler parameters with no user interaction and all those parameters, including the scale, can be adjusted in post-processing.
“Think about that crying pediatric patient or ICU patient on a ventilator and you can only acquire a few waveforms,” says Diaz. “This allows you to optimize in post processing for the first time instead of having to reacquire that challenging view.”
Med-Lab has been an Advanced Partner of Siemens Healthineers in South Florida since 1967. Their story begins in Cuba, where Saul Diaz Sr., Lucas’ great grandfather, started the company to provide medical supplies to health care providers.
“He started this company back when exploratory surgery was standard,” he says. “Most of what was sold then were surgical instruments. But when diagnostic imaging was introduced in Cuba, he started getting into X-ray technologies. As a family, we have always been interested in technologies that bring less invasive diagnosis and treatment solutions to providers and patients.”
When the business was rebooted in Miami following the Cuban revolution, it started with the second generation of the Diaz family with an emphasis on diagnostic imaging. Today, the company is owned and operated by the fourth generation, including Lucas and his two cousins.
“We really love to put people above transactions,” says Diaz. “I watched my father for many years put our customers’ needs above profits and he always said to cater to the customer because the money will come around. A loyal customer will help to sustain our business. We are focused on helping customers of every size increase efficiency, decrease costs, and enhance patient care.”
He notes that Med-Lab does this through a commitment to being the experts and the best engineers. “We pride ourselves in our expertise and focusing on customer service as we continue to adapt to the changes in the medical imaging industry,” says Diaz.
Ultrasound is unique as it truly relies on the user’s ability to utilize the ultrasound system to its maximum potential. Therefore, an intuitive easy-to-use ultrasound system is a critical attribute.
When speaking with ultrasound experts, adds Diaz, "we hear time and time again that as patients get larger, we are challenged to get reliable and diagnostic images in an ergonomic and economic way. The deeper the ultrasound signal needs to penetrate, the more attenuation occurs resulting in image quality degradation and often results in inconclusive results or repeat exams, sometimes in another modality.”
To address this challenge, Siemens designed the industry exclusive Deep Abdominal Transducer (DAX) to increase diagnostic confidence for patient populations often limited by traditional ultrasound technology. With its powerful architecture and patented DAX, the ACUSON Sequoia can image up to 40cm allowing clinicians to confidently image high BMI patients.
“In a collective effort to reduce operator stress and help eliminate long-term ergonomic injuries, Siemens Healthineers hosted 170 workshops with nearly 600 ultrasound users to create a platform designed by the user, for the user. In an effort to validate the usability design of the Sequoia, we sought a third-party evaluation to put the ACUSON Sequoia to the test with other leading manufacturers,” says Diaz. “In this third-party study, ACUSON Sequoia rated #1 in ease of use and 82% of the study participants preferred the ACUSON Sequoia.”
This is an exciting time for the ACUSON Sequoia, notes Diaz.
“Powerful automation in each major mode helps to reduce variability amongst users and improve image quality with no user interaction,” he says. “Remember, ease of use not only pertains to the control panel, but also the ease and ergonomics of acquiring images. ACUSON Sequoia is ushering in a new era in ultrasound imaging.”
“Being a new platform built from the ground up, the ACUSON Sequoia has the advantage of being early in its product lifecycle,” he says. “This helps to maximize return on investment as there will be a pathway of sustained innovation and upgradability for years to come.”

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