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Sunday April 21, 2019

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December 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 6



Bethesda Hospital East Reiterates Commitment to Patient Comfort with Purchase of 276, New, State-of-the-art Patient Beds

Bethesda Hospital East, a part of Baptist Health South Florida, has purchased 276 beds to provide greater comfort to patients. The new beds promote safety, reduce the possibility of falls and help to prevent pressure ulcers.

Bethesda has purchased a full complement of 234 Medical Surgical Beds, 26 Critical Care Beds, 13 Labor and Delivery Beds and 3 Bariatric beds – all manufactured by Stryker Medical.
To promote patient safety, the beds come with the iBed awareness system that ensures the right technology is in place to prevent falls. This technology includes a green light at the end of the patient’s bed that indicates whether the side rails are placed in the up position. In addition, they are equipped with a system that tracks the patient’s position and alerts caregivers if the patient is at risk of falling.
In addition, the beds are made to reduce pressure ulcers. The mattresses come with an open gel column that allows air to flow freely throughout the surface without obstruction. This air flow assists in managing the microclimate, heat and humidity, of the patient’s skin.
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