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September 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 3




Camillus Health Concern, Inc. Partners with Centric Consulting, LLC to Help Lead Them Into the Future

As a private, non-profit organization, Camillus Health Concern has been providing comprehensive medical, dental, and behavioral health care, as well as health education and specialty care to men, women and children who are poor and homeless in Miami-Dade County since 1989. Its committed team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to maintaining the health and well-being of Miami’s least fortunate residents. It is the only free-standing, comprehensive Healthcare for the Homeless funded provider in Miami-Dade County.

On average, the organization serves about 5,000 unique homeless patients resulting in 28,000 visits per year, according to CEO Francis Afram-Gyening.
One of its greatest challenges is the recruitment and the retention of healthcare professionals to serve the indigent population.
“It’s difficult for us to recruit and retain good, qualified and passionate people because we are in the shadows of large healthcare systems such as the University of Miami, Jackson Health System, and Mt. Sinai,” says Afram-Gyening. “We’re all competing for the same professionals. It makes recruitment hard for us.”
Another formidable challenge for Camillus is funding. Nearly 45 percent of its funding source comes from the federal government. The remaining amount comes from the state and other sources.
“We are heavily reliant on the federal government because most of the population we serve have no money and no insurance,” says Afram-Gyening. “We have to raise additional money to offset this.”
To help address these challenges and develop a plan for its future, Camillus turned to Centric Consulting – a digital, business consulting and technology solutions firm that works with companies to transform their business – for some assistance.
This summer, Centric reviewed and assessed Camillus’ current and future strategic plan on a pro bono basis, presenting its findings and recommendations in July to both the Camillus Health executive team and its Board of Directors.
“We wanted to work with Centric because they have the industry knowledge of how to strategically move organizations forward with new, creative and innovative ideas,” says Afram-Gyening. “They helped us come up with a strategic plan for the future of Camillus – where the population is moving to, who our recruitment competitors are, and who are taking some of the patients we serve. Because of their expertise and knowledge, they were able to deliver a superb report.”
Afram-Gyening says that they will work with Centric on other aspects of their operations to take the organization to another level.
“Looking ahead, I would like to see Camillus as the go-to entity for people who have no insurance or fallen on hard times to receive high quality of care,” he adds.
According to Kim Caruthers, a partner with Centric Miami, the goal of this initiative was to partner with Camillus to identify and address some of its most pressing concerns and help position them for success in delivering care to those most in need in the community.
“We love working in healthcare,” she says. “There are many opportunities in healthcare to make lives better for both patients and providers through technology and process innovation.”
The collaboration between the two organizations provided both an opportunity to achieve some of their respective goals. As a non-profit organization, Camillus relies on its community for donated support and services. One of Centric’s core values is to “Ignite Passion for the Greater Good.” When Centric and Camillus Health were first introduced, it became apparent that they could work together for mutual benefit.
To compile the strategy review, the Centric team conducted an environmental analysis. Centric and Camillus conducted an inventory of current metrics, both internal and external, including quality and regulatory reporting. This resulted in the collection of over 24 artifacts such as reports from HRSA, HUD, Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, and Project Dade Cares. Internal documents reviewed included utilization statistics, quality reports, employee surveys, and tax returns. The analysis of these artifacts was led by Calvin Glidewell, Centric Miami’s Administrative Healthcare Practice Lead.
Centric also facilitated discussions with a broad group of stakeholders including Camillus executive leaders, key departmental leaders, front-line personnel, and members of their Community Advisory Board and Board of Directors. These qualitative discussions were conducted by Glidewell and Centric’s National Healthcare Practice Lead, Dr. Marcie Stoshak-Chavez.
Centric consolidated its findings, identified recommendations, and prepared a report, which was presented to the Camillus Health internal team and later to the Board of Directors. Centric also provided Camillus Health with a list of grant funding organizations that cater to the needs of the homeless.
Caruthers says they were honored to have had this opportunity to assist Camillus Health and learn more about how Camillus Health serves Miami’s least fortunate residents.
“We were impressed with the dedication of the employees of Camillus to the mission of the organization,” she says. “They are very passionate about the community and the less fortunate. We found that very refreshing and it was a pleasure to be around that kind of a culture.”

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