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Monday May 27, 2019

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October 2018 - Volume 15 - Issue 4




Century Ambulance Joins Broward County Health Landscape

South Florida is seeing a lot more Orange these days, and no it’s not the Miami Hurricanes, it’s Broward County’s newest ambulance service, a welcome upgrade to the Broward County landscape.

As of July, Century Ambulance has expanded services to Broward County and is providing patient transport and pioneering new logistics for area clients and their patients.
With a quality reputation built over 3 decades of service in 5 Florida counties, Century Ambulance began providing customer focused basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), and Critical Care Transportation (CCT) services to Broward County from a new station in Ft. Lauderdale. This latest expansion will be Century Ambulance’s 12th county of operation and its first outside of North Florida and the Florida Panhandle, where it already provides close to 90,000 transports per year. Ft. Lauderdale is the ideal location for Century Ambulance to bring its comprehensive transport services to the state’s second most populous county. Broward County demographics mirror the aging population and increasing longevity-along with attending health issues- trending throughout the United States.
Beyond Transportation
“Century is leading the paradigm shift from basic patient transportation to being partners in health care delivery,” General Manager Matthew Johnson said. “We bring not only high-quality ambulance service to the area, but logistics solutions through our Covalent Health brand.”
For example, Century’s ambulances are equipped with robotic cameras to provide Emergency and Neurology physician experts, with the Paramedics assistance, the ability to administer the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) assessment while enroute to the hospital. This technology allows the Neurology and ER teams to make decisions faster and get patients to the operating room faster. Recovery from stroke is time sensitive and tele-stroke medicine, in consultation with physician specialists, can speed the time of initial assessment and treatment during transport to comprehensive stroke care centers to improve recovery options.
This type of cutting-edge logistics tool and services within the transport process is designed to streamline efficiency for hospitals and health systems and impact patient outcomes. It is what differentiates Century’s philosophy of service from the norm, according to Johnson.
Professionally backed with 25+ years of clinical and business background, Johnson, an experienced paramedic, prepared for this latest operational rollout by selecting industry veteran Jonathan Pauwels to serve as its Broward County Operations Manager. Pauwels was one of Florida’s first community paramedics and has nearly a decade of emergent and non-emergent ambulance transport experience, all in the South Florida region.
Century’s reputation for leadership and state of the art care also ensures a high quality EMT and paramedic staff during a challenging recruitment environment with nationwide staffing shortages. During the initial 24 hours of recruitment for Broward County expansion, more than 400 staffing applications flooding its inbox.
According to Johnson, the company is mission-directed which translates into an exceptional client and employee focus. “Our total health care package includes a dedicated employee-led group who actively represent the company in the neighborhood. We look forward to involvement in education and charity efforts to heighten health awareness among families at school outreach and community safety and health promotion events.
“It’s an exciting time for Century Ambulance,” said Johnson, “We are small enough to be a good neighbor and recognize the importance of community service; but, also large enough to mobilize the capital support to positively impact community well-being as an active partner with the health care delivery system in South Florida.”

For more information, please contact Century Ambulance at (754) 206-2567.

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