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Sunday January 24, 2021

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January 2021 - Volume 17 - Issue 7


Christopher Ure Ends Service as Broward Health Commissioner on High Note

November 24 2020 - When former Florida Governor Rick Scott invited Christopher Ure to join the North Broward Hospital District’s Board of Commissioners in 2015, the strategic appointment helped lay the foundation for what was to become the health system’s extraordinary transformation. Although he had never served in a similar capacity in healthcare or politics, or perhaps precisely because he had not, Ure brought fresh perspective, business skills and leadership to one of the nation’s 10 largest public health systems, seen through the unique lens of a successful CEO. 
At the helm of Hightower, a financial services company in Boca Raton, Ure brought extensive experience in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, private wealth management, investment strategy, and institutional advisory services to his board position as he worked with fellow board members and Broward Health’s leadership team toward long-term financial stability for the system. 
Within the first two months of his term as Broward Health Commissioner of District 5, serving west Broward, Ure and his fellow board members were faced with heightened scrutiny, complex compliance regulations and financial dilemmas, all while undergoing a restructuring of the executive leadership team. 
 “Admittedly there were challenging times and adversity, but I made a commitment early on to do whatever it took to preserve this remarkable healthcare system,” said Ure. “Despite personal attacks and time sacrificed away from my family and business, I never capitulated on my beliefs or retreated from what needed to be done.”   
Working closely with the Broward Health leadership team, he is proud of what has been accomplished during his five-year tenure – stronger financial positioning, including stabilizing the District’s financial condition, refinancing the District’s debt, securing lower interest rates and significantly improving Broward Health credit rating, a critical ranking in the financial and investment community, are just some of the milestones. Today, outside stakeholders and independent parties view Broward Health’s standing as better and stronger.  
Ure served continuously between his appointment in 2015, stepping down as Commissioner at the District’s November 18, 2020, board meeting. His steadfast leadership and commitment have served Broward Health well. 
“Broward Health is extremely grateful for Chris’s passion, knowledge and courage to make the big decisions necessary to achieve the District’s mission,” said Nancy Gregoire, chair of the North Broward Hospital District’s Board of Commissioners. “He is a true leader who approached his appointment with humility, a desire to learn and the dedication to selflessly serve along the way.” 
In addition to his focus on financial stability, Ure worked closely with the experienced Broward Health leadership team to usher in a new corporate culture with an enhanced level of transparency, oversight, defined expectations, best practices and barriers to outside influences. The District’s priorities have been shifted to innovation, investment in capital improvements and attracting and retaining top medical talent, Broward Health’s most valuable asset. 
Ure spent nearly twenty years in Broward County having moved to Weston from New York City in 1999. A graduate of the University of Florida, Ure has grown children and now resides in Boca Raton. Looking back, he views his tenure as a North Broward Hospital District Commissioner as a deeply meaningful way to give back to the South Florida community. 
“I am extremely proud of my role in the evolution of Broward Health,” said Ure. “As an organization, we met the challenges head on, emerged from the CIA on schedule and created a framework to abide by the highest-level corporate compliance and transparency. Although I am extremely proud of where we are today, I am genuinely excited to see where we are going. The sun is rising at Broward Health and I am confident the best is yet to come.”  
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