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Monday August 10, 2020

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September 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 3

CitadelMed Offers Solutions to the Challenges Facing Hospitals and Physicians

Government regulation. Competition for patients. Emergency room overcrowding. Dwindling resources. Liability. Soaring costs. Declining reimbursements. Patient dissatisfaction. Readmissions. These are only a few of the complicated issues besieging hospitals, corporate clients, and physicians across the country as they seek to understand and adjust to the reality of healthcare reform.

CitadelMed’s principals (l-r) Chief Executive Officer Clifford Findeiss, Chief Operating Officer Marta Prado, and Chief Medical Officer Michael Zappa.

CitadelMed, based in Boca Raton, is positioned to assist these stakeholders design and implement creative, affordable and efficient systems and solutions that can address and stand up to the new reality. At its helm is Clifford Findeiss, M.D., as CitadelMed’s chief executive officer. As co-founder and former CEO of EMSA, Inc. and InPhyNet Medical Management, Findeiss has more than three decades of experience managing companies that provide turnkey hospital-based physician staffing services to hospitals, prisons, HMOs and the U.S. Department of Defense. Over the past year, he has assembled a team of clinical, nursing, financial and billing experts who have broad experience in healthcare.
“The economics of patient care and payment reform is bringing about a revolution in the delivery of healthcare regardless of the government’s push for reform,” said Findeiss. “The astute manager understands this and understands there are looming problems that haven’t even been defined yet.”
Findeiss cites the dwindling number of primary care physicians across the country as one dynamic that must reverse if patients are to receive affordable, coordinated quality care going forward. “Technology and the evolution of payments to doctors and hospitals have skewed the ratio of specialists to primary care physicians disproportionately. There is little incentive today to being a primary care physician,” said Findeiss. “Everyone wants to be a specialist, to be highly respected, and paid accordingly. In the process, we’ve lost hands-on care…the Marcus Welby, TV’s favorite family practitioner, approach. As a result, people flood emergency rooms because they cannot reach a primary care physician.”
CitadelMed’s practices and models aim at creating better partnerships between caregivers at the community level and hospitals. “We take the Socratic approach,” said Michael Zappa, M.D., FACEP, Chief Medical Officer. “When we meet with a hospital’s administrative team, we ask a lot of questions. We can interject our own ideas on how to resolve a problem based on our experience, but the key is to have buy-in from the group. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach.”
Zappa separates CitadelMed from the competitive field of consultative groups by drawing upon the company’s unique strengths. “Many smaller, regional groups do not have the extensive back-office management experience we have. On the other hand, larger companies can lose touch with the frontline caregiver. Our vision is to bring together the best of both worlds to solve problems and build strong bridges between hospitals, physicians, the community, payers, and the government.”
CitadelMed’s client interaction can run the continuum of evaluating hospital-based physician groups, revising hospital/physician agreements, identifying opportunities to improve productivity, increasing revenue, to arranging sales, acquisitions and mergers. “We can offer detailed consultation or work on a contractual basis to effect longer-term interventions. Our corporate name reflects what we aim to accomplish,” said Zappa, “the survival of the physician and the protection of the patient...a fortress for both.”
Marta Prado, R.N., ARNP, CitadelMed’s Chief Operating Officer, is a key member of the CitadelMed team, “knocking on doors in the Southeast and elsewhere” to grow the business. She brings years of experience to the task, having been involved in all aspects of patient care from bedside nursing, to nurse practitioner and EMS training director, to her current role as COO at CitadelMed. She is past president of the Emergency Nurses Association and a staunch advocate for patients.
“A lot of attention has been paid to patient satisfaction in the hospital setting,” said Prado, “but in the future an important focus must be to keep people out of the hospital in the first place. There also is a corresponding high number of unnecessary readmissions, often because people do not see a doctor for follow-up care. This is a dilemma for hospitals.”
Prado believes CitadelMed can help hospitals turn that around and improve profitability in the bargain. One possibility: deploying nurses as the extenders to post-hospital care. “We have to treat a patient’s emergency as they perceive it,” said Prado, “providing them with proper explanations, not only on entry into the hospital and at the bedside, but also when they leave. Are you taking the medications you were given? Have you seen your doctor since leaving us? Nurses can play an important role in communicating with patients, maybe even making those follow-up appointments for them.”
“People are frustrated by healthcare reform,” said Findeiss. “We can complain. We can cajole. We can compromise or fight it. It’s happening.“ Findeiss sees CitadelMed as the proven quarterback on the playing field. “Our team has the diversified experience and management success to come up with comprehensive solutions that ensure a win for all. We can add value to the decision-making process. We can make a difference.”
CitadelMed Provides Solutions to Challenges Facing Hospitals and Physicians
. Evaluation of hospital-based physician groups
. Establishment or restructure of physician group ownership and governance
. Implementation of decision-making processes between physician groups and hospital management
. Revise hospital/physician agreements
. Design and implement programs to improve quality of care
. Implementation of programs to improve throughput and customer service
. Identification of opportunities to improve productivity and increase revenue
. Arrange physician group financing
. Arrange practice sales, acquisitions, and mergers
. Implementation of solutions to address issues such as patient safety and satisfaction, control unnecessary admissions, and billing accuracy
To learn more about CitadelMed’s mission and programs, visit or call Marta Prado at (561) 771-0542 or (888) 771-0542.
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